Prescription drug addiction is more common than you may think, with opioids being one of the worst. This is how a lie detector test in Aberdeen helped Lisa and Robyn get to the truth.

Back pain – excuse after excuse

Robyn always had a bad back. It had come from an injury when he was younger. His dad used to ask for help lifting heavy parts and engines at the garage he owned. One day Robyn bent down and couldn’t get back up again. He had no choice other than to go to the hospital. The doctor prescribed . He’d been taking this for a number of years now and even took it when he wasn’t in pain. He’d get irritable and argumentative whenever he didn’t take it.

Lisa had questioned him previously when the doctor had asked how many he was taking. He’d lied and stated he was only taking it when he was in pain. Robyn initially shrugged off her suspicion that he was addicted. After all it couldn’t be bad for him since it was prescribed by the doctor.

She’d read on the internet that Tramadol was an opioid and she knew heroin was.  Although tramadol is not as strong as heroin, it shares many of the same effects and both are addictive.

Lie detector test in Aberdeen

Lisa decided to contact us with her concerns and to discuss how the polygraph can help with addiction. The first step for any addict is to acknowledge they have a problem. Denial prevents addicts seeking the help they so desperately need. A polygraph examination draws out the truth of the matter. Lisa booked a lie detector test in Aberdeen, near to their home. She felt more comfortable knowing our polygraph service is completely confidential.

Returning home that evening nervously she gave Robyn one last opportunity to admit he had a problem but he still denied his addiction. Lisa knew he was addicted to the painkillers and wanted him to know. She told him that she’d booked a test for him and she would drive him to the polygraph examiner’s office. Nervous at first, Robyn said he didn’t want to be seen going into a polygraph services building. Lisa reassured him that although the office was local it was also very discreet. There was no neon sign outside screaming “I’m in trouble with the Mrs” or “I’m a liar”. Robyn didn’t really think he had an addiction problem anyway so to put Lisa’s mind at rest he agreed to take the test.

Results and moving on

Lisa received the results of the lie detector test in Aberdeen within 24 hours. They revealed that Robyn was indeed addicted and that deep down Robyn knew.  He just didn’t want to admit it to himself or the woman he loved. He’d been so wrapped up in feeling the buzz the Tramadol gave him, he didn’t realise the damage it was doing.


Like a heroin addict Robyn experienced shakes, sweats and throwing up. Thankfully the residential rehab we’d given him the details for helped him through this terrible time. Robyn has now learned to manage his back pain without medication. Yoga, physio and exercise at the gym have replaced the Tramadol. Quite often drugs aren’t and don’t need to be the answer.

Do you have doubts about whether or not you have an addict in your life? Maybe we can help. If you’d like to discuss or order a Lie Detector Test in Aberdeen for any reason, please call our free helpline on 07572 748364. Alternatively, you may wish to book a test using our secure online booking system.