Cardiff Lie Detector test for Theft exposes Dishonest Carer

Mar 2, 2020

The results from a Cardiff lie detector test for theft highlight the importance of checking references, even when you employ a family member.

Hazel’s Case

When her mother, Nora, had a fall at home Hazel wanted to employ a care agency to attend to her needs.  She’d looked into NHS help but Nora was too wealthy and would have to contribute to the costs involved.  Private care seemed to be the best option.

Hazel’s husband, Bob, suggested his sister for the job. Karen was an unemployed carer and struggling to find work. She was prepared to do the job for far less than a private agency and since she was her sister in law, Hazel thought it was an ideal solution. Karen was self-employed, and a family member, so they didn’t need to worry about references.

Tax discrepancy

Karen had been working for them for over a year. Nora was happy with her and she seemed to be doing a fantastic job. One day, they received a letter from the Inland Revenue asking about the contributions they should have made on behalf of Karen. They discussed the matter and Karen said there must have been a mistake, she’d contact the tax office and straighten things out. Hazel checked with the Inland Revenue a few months later and they confirmed the balance had been paid in full.

Unauthorised withdrawals

On a visit with her mother, Hazel learned that Karen had borrowed some money from Nora. She’d said it was to pay for her rent but when Karen checked her bank account, she found she’d taken out the maximum allowed of £500 twice in two days. Karen only rented a room and her rent wasn’t that much. Confronting Karen was fruitless; she explained Nora had asked her to take the money out and must have forgotten about it. When asked where the money was, Karen said she’d given £700 to Nora and she must have hidden it. Speaking to her mother, Nora said she didn’t remember and often gave her card to Karen to buy essentials and the like. She was worried Karen was struggling and she just wanted to help.

Looking over Nora’s bank statements, Hazel could see various withdrawals made since Karen had been caring for her. She asked her about them and Karen said they were nothing to do with her. Hazel discussed the matter with her husband who criticised her for accusing her sister in law of what amounted to theft.

Cardiff lie detector test for theft

But Hazel knew there was something wrong. She contacted us and organised a Cardiff lie detector test for theft. She knew her husband was going to go mad but she needed to know her mother was safe and not being taken advantage of.  Hazel had wanted to hire a care agency and her husband had convinced her otherwise. It was her responsibility to put this right in her view.

Hazel told Karen she needed to take the lie detector test in Cardiff. She needed to know her mother was safe with her. Initially, Karen refused and was insulted that Hazel would accuse her of such a thing. Hazel told her she needed to eliminate anyone from being a suspect before she reported the matter to the police. If Karen didn’t take the polygraph examination she would just go ahead and let the police investigate it.

Polygraph results

In hindsight, the tax letter should have shown Karen’s dishonesty but Hazel had wanted to believe her. The Cardiff lie detector test for theft revealed that Karen was stealing from Nora and she’d even used Nora’s money to pay her tax bill. It also showed that she had been fired from her last position for theft.

Karen was fired and a care agency instructed to look after Nora. It’s vital to Hazel she is cared for by qualified, experienced and honest carers, no matter the cost.

Polygraph service in Wales

In the above case our client didn’t conduct reference checks because the carer was her sister in law.  This is a mistake that should never be made when you are employing someone.  You may know your siblings very well but your partner’s family not so much.

Part of our polygraph service in Wales includes pre-employment screening for private individuals, companies and recruitment agencies.  When it comes to care of the elderly or children it’s vitally important to screen job applicants to the fullest extent possible.

Contact us to learn more about our polygraph service in Wales and nationwide.  It’s always best to be safe, rather than sorry.

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