Will a Lie Detector Test for Cheating improve your Health?

Oct 31, 2022 | News & Science, Relationship

People who have experienced the heartbreak of infidelity know how much it hurts. A recent study that featured in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships  suggests the impact on mental and physical health is more serious than we might have imagined. So will a Lie Detector Test for Cheating alleviate much of the cause?  We think so.

Innocent partners are negatively impacted both emotionally and psychologically. This may affect their behaviour in different ways including comfort eating, binge drinking, drug abuse and unprotected sexual promiscuity. Some may just give up eating.

The blame game

Blame figures highly in the research.  Of the 232 participants in the study, those who focused on blaming themselves for the infidelity were more likely to indulge in the detrimental behaviours mentioned above. The research revealed that there is a link between mental health and physical risk taking behaviour. Those suffering from heightened anxiety and depression were more likely to compromise their physical health.

Interestingly participants who blamed their partners for cheating didn’t indulge in damaging behaviour as a result of the infidelity. In line with other research that has been done it wasn’t surprising to learn that women were the most badly affected.

Gender variance

Most research conducted confirms that women tend to be more distressed when infidelity occurs. Psychologists believe this is because women place more importance on their relationships when applied to self-image and identity.  They are therefore more prone to mental health problems in these scenarios. They are also more likely to indulge in harmful behaviour as a result of their self-worth being impaired.

Further research

Researchers focussed their attention on young adults in committed, dating relationships. They are now interested in pursuing further studies with an older married group of subjects. It is hoped that a clearer picture will emerge as to the connection between infidelity and blame as related to mental and physical health as research continues.

Lie detector test for cheating

60 percent of our business comes from private infidelity polygraph tests.  The lie detector test for cheating is able to reveal not only whether a partner has cheated but also why and with whom. Given this recent research we believe blame placed where it belongs reduces the stress and anxiety by taking the focus away from self-recrimination.

For more information about our specialised, private, lie detector test for cheating contact us today. You can be assured of discretion and confidentiality from our sympathetic customer service personnel.

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