Lie Detector Results Confirmed my Worst Fears

Sep 29, 2018

I always thought there was something odd when my husband, Sean, would work away. He was a carpenter and fitted out shops and kitchens in hotels – I should have known really, considering this is how I met him. I used to work in a pub and he was staying there periodically to carry out some repair work. After about a year, I moved a few hundred miles to be with him and we married. Little did I know that lie detector results would end it.

Overbearing family

The whole situation was wrong from the offset, with an overbearing set of in laws and a family presence that was both overpowering and completely unnecessary. I was constantly asked when I would be having children, as this seemed the normality within his family. I found it both intrusive and very uncomfortable.

Although all of this was going on around me, I’d always trusted Sean to be faithful and that was the only thing that kept me going throughout the few years we were married. This was up until he lost his wedding ring. He explained he’d taken it off as he was using a strong adhesive and didn’t want to damage it. Funnily enough, it had also fallen out of his wallet on the same day yet he “didn’t know where it was~. I was a little naive and although the thoughts in my head told me not to believe it, I pushed them as far back as I could and carried on with my marriage, work and what sheltered life I had.

Lack of communication

Shortly after this he stopped calling me when he was away. If I tried to call him, he never answered his phone. I’d try and try, over and over, reducing myself to tears and calling the in laws to see if they’d heard from him. I’d try for hours and then during the next day he’d call and say he’d left his phone at work and this is why I couldn’t reach him.  This would prove to be a lie. He’d come home with flowers and gifts and I’d forgive him. He was always very protective about his phone. I couldn’t touch it and he’d take it everywhere, even to the bathroom. In those days your phone shouldn’t get wet or it’d break but he was willing to take that chance just to stop me looking at it.

Polygraph examiner and lie detector results

So, I confronted him. He denied everything of course but I was confident I was right. Too many things had happened to be a coincidence and that’s when I decided to get him to take a lie detector test. In a search online, trying to find a solution to the worries I had about my marriage, Lie Detector Test UK came up in the results.

I learned that I could work with the polygraph examiner to create the perfect questions to get the answers I needed. I wanted to know if Sean was having an affair. The test results proved he was. It had been going on for around a year.  Confronted with the results Sean confessed all and that proved worse than the lie detector results. He was seeing a woman old enough to be his mother and she had become pregnant as a result of their affair. Maybe we could have worked on our marriage had it not have been for the child. Sean didn’t want a divorce but I did.

Pre-marriage lie detector test

I have since remarried and put my second husband through a polygraph examination before we married.  The lie detector test results revealed a lot about his character.  We have been happily married for 8 years now.  I cannot recommend enough the services of polygraph examiners.  They helped me learn a devastating truth but put me on the path to a far more considered relationship.

Clare Morgan, Manchester

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