Latest Lie Detector News Roundup October 2020

Oct 31, 2020

Lie Detector News Roundup October 2020

Our polygraph examiners have been exceptionally busy this month. They’ve helped so many people whose lives have been affected by dishonesty. Here is our Lie Detector News Roundup for October 2020 which includes some of our case studies, your queries and other news we found interesting.

Plank of the Week, Matt Ratana, Infidelity

1 October – Another exciting edition of Plank of the Week – Nominations include Sadiq Khan, Owen Jones and Nicola Sturgeon.

2 October – The Death of Sergeant Matt Ratana should change UK Police Policies.

3 October –  Case Study – A wife seemed to be paying more attention to a student than her husband believed appropriate. He booked an Oxford lie detector test for infidelity, convinced she was cheating on him.

Michael Stone, Infidelity, Child sex abuse

5 October – Convicted killer Michael Stone claims he will take a lie detector test over the murders of a woman and her six-year-old daughter in 1996 as long as Milly Dowler’s killer Levi Bellfield provides the DNA that he says would clear his name.

5 October – Chelsea Lie Detector Query – Is my Husband sleeping with my Sister?

6 October – The Church of England failed to protect children from sexual abuse, and created a culture allowing abusers “to hide”, a report has concluded.

Hump Day discounts, Failed child abuse victims, Today’s Orwellian society

7 October – It’s Hump Day again. Don’t miss out on lie detector test discounts only when you book your test on a Wednesday.

7 October – Is it time to create an external, independent agency to deal with child sex abuse since it appears that religious institutions, police, social services and other authorities have failed victims miserably?

8 October – West Midlands Polygraph Examiner looks at our apparent Orwellian Society.

More Planks of the Week, Commercial lie detector test, Cambridge Analytica

9 October – Nominations for Mike Graham’s Plank of the Week include: Margaret Ferrier, Nicola Sturgeon, The Guardian and ‘Prince’ Harry to name a few!

9 October – Case Study – Lie detector tests in Chesterfield identify Luxury Car Joyrider

9 October– The Information Commissioner has stated that Cambridge Analytica was “not involved” in the EU referendum after a 3 year probe.

Lord Nelson, Simon Dolan, Ghostly encounters

10 October – The National Maritime Museum has decided to review Admiral Lord Nelson’s “heroic status”.  It really is time to stop this nonsense.

11 October – British businessman, Simon Dolan, is in court again next week challenging the government’s Covid-19 restrictions in an attempt to get them reversed.

12 October – Dudley Polygraph Examiner deals with ghostly encounters query.

Covid-19 chaos, Office test discounts, Polygraph Associations

13 October – Lockdowns have been used to control the coronavirus around the world, plunging millions of lives into chaos. Now the World Health Authority seems to have changed its mind.

14 October – With our Hump Day UK lie detector test discount, for tests booked on a Wednesday, you could take the first step in resolving your issue.

14 October – All qualified, professional polygraph examiners worldwide are accredited by the American Polygraph Association and are required to follow its code of practice. No polygraph association in Britain is a regulatory body. We belong to the only association that matters – the APA.

Infidelity, Historical sexual abuse, Covid-19 update

15 October – Case Study – When our client suspected her partner was being dishonest about his long standing friendship with another woman, she ordered a Leamington Spa lie detector test to establish the truth.

16 October – Case Study – Historical Sexual Abuse confirmed by Lie Detector Test in Brighton

19 October – Lie Detector Test UK Covid-19 update Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Lockdown Rules

Ghislaine Maxwell, Wednesday discounts, Infidelity

20 October – A three-judge appeals panel concluded that Maxwell’s arguments for secrecy were meritless. We surmise a lot of people will be worried about this.

21 October – Are you looking to lose a little weight from your lives, your mind and your midriff? Hump Day Wednesday may be able to help

22 October – Case Study – Our client’s doubts about his pregnant girlfriend’s fidelity led to him booking a Mansfield lie detector test to dispel them.

Hairdressing salon theft, Biden v Trump debate, Social media suspicions

23 October – A hairdresser contacted us enquiring about commercial lie detector tests in Sutton Coldfield. Our West Midlands polygraph examiners responded to her

24 October – We are accustomed to politicians telling lies but anyone watching the Trump v Biden debate this week heard Biden tell the most stupid lie. He is on video many times stating his opposition to fracking, yet told Trump that he had never said it. Watch here

26 October – Burton on Trent Lie Detector Test enquiry about Social Media Activity

Cumbria Police, Hump Day discounts, Infidelity, Domestic abuse

27 October – Cumbria is now the 8th Police Force in the UK to use lie detector tests in the monitoring and management of known sex offenders

28 October – Hump Day discounts for lie detector tests are back!

29 October– Case Study – Our clients ordered two lie detector tests in Richmond for their respective husbands when they suspected infidelity with a local masseuse.

30 October – Case Study – When our client became ill after eating food at her own barbecue, she booked a lie detector test in Dudley for her partner. The results were not nice.

Lie Detector News Roundup October 2020

That’s it for this month. If we have missed something do let us know and please keep your questions coming in.

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