As news surfaced this week about Speaker John Bercow meeting with David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, questions have been asked regarding his neutrality.

An agreement appears to have been reached between the two that the EU parliament will support another extension to Brexit if another referendum is held. Judging by social media activity, Brexiteers are enraged, referring to the meeting as “disgraceful”.

A petition on launched on has already reached almost 53,000 signatures calling for the Speaker to be sacked.

John Bercow and David Sassoli

Speaker Bercow has long been a controversial figure.  Since the 2016 referendum he has often been seen driving around in a car displaying a *B…..ks to Brexit sticker on it. When questioned about this he said that the car belonged to his wife.  As a person whose job is conditional upon being impartial it’s difficult to square that with his vocal support of assisting MPs who are working toward stopping a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

David Sassoli’s position is not dissimilar to that of the House Speaker in that he is the equivalent of the EU parliament’s speaker.  He has described his views and that of Bercow’s as “on the same wavelength”.

Brexiteer outrage

Since the revelation that the meeting took place Nigel Farage and Richard Tice from The Brexit Party have posted a number of tweets and other social media posts expressing anger and shock that Bercow has met with Sassoli.  Other pro Brexit MEPs and MPs have questioned  his authority to do this. Conversely John Bercow states that he is merely acting as a referee.

The full details on this story can be accessed by clicking on The Sun

Lie detector test regarding impartiality

Lie Detector Test UK is currently running a Twitter poll asking whether the Speaker should take a lie detector test to establish his neutrality. So far 68 percent of participants believe he should.

We invite John Bercow to take a polygraph test in a location that is convenient to him. It remains to be seen whether he will accept our offer.

Let us know your thoughts on whether you think he should take a test or believe that he is breaking the conditions of his role as Speaker. Is there any other public figure you would like to take a polygraph test and for what reason?