With Christmas behind us we are now a month into the New Year. Our January 2020 polygraph news roundup is full of case studies, advice from our polygraph examiners and interesting information about our industry.  If you have missed anything this month you can catch up here.

Infidelity, RAF training failure, Domestic abuse

2 January – Colchester lie detector test for infidelity case study. Where was Miles on Christmas Eve?

2 January – Oxford lie detector test reveals truth about RAF training failure

3 January – Peterborough polygraph examiner advises sister on potential domestic abuse

Domestic abuse, Cheating husband, Suspected theft

4 January – Case study into hidden Basildon domestic abuse

5 January – Was this Cheshire husband cheating or did the wife have it wrong?

6 January – Aberdeen polygraph examiner tried to help find out if the query is theft or a sugar daddy

Missing jewellery, Cyprus rape case, Drug dealing allegations

7 January – West Midlands lie detector tests reveals the truth about missing Pandora bracelet

7 January – How shocked were you to find out about the sentencing of the Cyprus rape case?

8 January – East London examiner advises on suspected drug dealing

Infidelity, Mandatory lie detector tests, Sexual abuse

9 January – We advise an Ipswich sister on potential infidelity

10 January – Should we impose mandatory lie detector tests on Helen McCourt murderer?

11 January – Every mothers nightmare – we look into a schoolgirl’s hidden sexual abuse in York

Assassination in Iraq, Suspected infidelity, Stalker exposed

12 January – What really is the truth about General Qasem Soleimani?

13 January – Wife of Marine in the South West reaches out for help with possible infidelity

14 January – Stalker in North London identified by lie detector test

Bullying, Radicalisation, Betrayal

15 January – Croydon polygraph examiner advises on bullying

16 January – Lie detector test in Preston saves young boy from terrorism

17 January – Bedford case study reveals the worst type of betrayal

Dishonest friend, Big Ben, Truck driver’s shocking secret

18 January – Case study exposes dishonest family friend in Wrexham

19 January – The big lie about Big Ben chiming on Brexit day

20 January – Why did this Portsmouth truck driver’s routine change suddenly? His wife finds out!

Trust issues, proposed polygraph tests for terrorists, Missing funds

21 January – UK’s trust in the government and big business is at an all-time low. LBC reports

21 January – Ministry of Justice proposes lie detector tests for terrorist offenders, what do you think?

22 January – Norfolk lie detector examiner advises on suspected theft of social club funds

Lie detector tests explained, Drug addiction, Paedophile jailed

23 January – What are lie detector tests and why are we using them in the UK?

23 January – Liverpool polygraph examiner identifies drug relapse

24 January – Paedophile who confessed to raping a child during a lie detector test is jailed

Polygraph test finance, Facial recognition, Value of polygraph test results

24 January – What to do if you can’t afford a lie detector test immediately

25 January – We take a look at facial recognition software

26 January – Lie detector test for sexual offenders proves investigative value of the polygraph

Unfounded suspicions, Cumbria Police, Gambling addiction

27 January – Lie detector test in Glasgow teaches mother a lesson

27 January – Cumbria police to get lie detector tests to help investigate sex offenders

28 January – Gambling addiction is revealed by lie detector test in Aylesbury

Worried parents, Infidelity issues

29 January – Oldham polygraph examiner advises parent on violent son

30 January – Newport polygraph examiner helps with query regarding infidelity

January 2020 polygraph news

If you think we have missed anything, please write in and let us know.  Readers’ contributions related to lie detector test news are always welcome.