The Hotspot for Infidelity in Scotland

Aug 8, 2022

According to, the dating website dedicated to people looking for affairs outside marriage, Inverness is the hotspot for infidelity in Scotland.

The site produces an annual infidelity index and the 2017 edition was certainly surprising. It revealed that more than 6 per cent of the population in this Highland city, subscribed to Illicit Encounters. Potentially that means that almost 4,000 residents are interested in or indulging in affairs!

By contrast Glasgow is a shining beacon of fidelity with less than 1 per cent interested in being unfaithful.

Do you suspect your partner of infidelity?

Living with the suspicion that your partner is being unfaithful is nothing short of hell. Part of you doesn’t want to search through their things because it’s an invasion of privacy. The nagging doubt may ultimately cause you to search through pockets, handbags, try to crack the password on their computer or scrutinise their mobile phone messages.

Here are some signs to watch for that might indicate your partner is having an affair:

  • Mobile phone behaviour changes – they are possessive about their phone and no longer leave it lying around on the coffee table or elsewhere. If it rings they immediately pick it up. They often leave the room to conduct a conversation, something they didn’t do before. When they are out, it isn’t so easy to reach them on the phone since it is often switched off. They erase text messages as soon as they have read them.
  • Suddenly they are working longer hours but this isn’t reflected in their income.
  • Unusual items begin to appear on credit card statements
  • They seem permanently preoccupied.
  • They are less interested in bedroom activity or they begin to introduce new sexual activities that they’ve never been turned on by before.
  • They are indifferent to you or overly attentive.
  • They bring home gifts for you on a regular basis rather than just for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.
  • They may unexpectedly have to work over holidays and show little interest in family gatherings.

What you can do if you feel your partner is cheating

Most people have either seen or heard of the Jeremy Kyle Show. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind airing your dirty washing in front of millions of viewers, you can get a free polygraph test from the show. However, many people would cringe at the idea of anyone knowing that their partner had been unfaithful to them.

If you’re not the type of person who wants their marital problems turned into a circus, you have the option of arranging your own private lie detector test. It doesn’t matter whether it’s infidelity in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK. We can arrange the test and all you have to do is persuade your partner to take it. Someone who is not cheating will be willing to undergo a polygraph test to save their marriage even if their feelings are hurt because you don’t trust them. A partner who is being unfaithful may resist a test or confess. The polygraph is a far more affordable solution than hiring a private detective.

Contact us today to learn how we can help resolve lack of trust problems. You can be assured of our discretion at all times.

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