Guy Fawkes Night, or the more commonly known Bonfire night is full of fun and fireworks. A time for the family to get together and witness something wonderful. The day originally came to pass on 5th November 1605, when a failed assassination of Protestant King James I of England and VI of Scotland took place. Known as the Gunpowder plot, Guy Fawkes was arrested on this day after being found by the house of lords guarding a huge stash of explosives, and thus the plot was foiled.

The people of London celebrated the survival of the king with the lighting of bonfires. Shortly after this the Observance of 5th November Act was introduced as a yearly of thanksgiving as the plot had been foiled.

Guy Fawkes effigy

Over the years Bonfire night has turned into something far more spectacular. Fireworks were added from the late 19th century and the Guy Fawkes effigy was created. Children would create the guys in order to get money or treats when taking them to peoples houses. Some children showing off their creation on street corners.

Although this is not seen so much today, in 1981 approximately 23% of children made guys and they always made a great effort for this fabulous fun filled night. These days, Bonfire night is now usually organised by councils due to the health and safety. So sadly the bonfire is an unusual sight these days with most opting for the fireworks only.

Bonfire night lost its sparkle

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