Few people have not heard of Gina Miller. She first came into the public eye when she won a legal action against Theresa May’s Government in 2016.  The case led to the Government not being able to implement Brexit without first seeking the approval of Parliament. Our followers and readers  have suggested that we invite Ms Miller to take a lie detector test regarding her her stance on Brexit.

Over the past few weeks she has been in court again three times attempting to stop current PM, Boris Johnson, from reducing the UK to a “dictatorship”.

When the Prime Minister prorogued Parliament recently Ms Miller went to the High Court in London effectively to stop the prorogation.  Her legal representatives alleged that the 5 week prorogation was an “unlawful abuse of power” because of the “exceptional” amount of time that Parliament would not be allowed to sit.

However, Lord Justice Burnett who heard the case did not agree and Gina Miller lost.

An appeal was launched before the Court of Session in Scotland a few days after the High Court ruling. The result was that this court found that the PM had unlawfully prorogued Parliament.

The Government appealed this ruling in the Supreme Court and the case was heard last week with the verdict expected on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Who is Gina Miller?

Married and divorced 3 times Ms Miller doesn’t appear to have had a lot of luck in love.  Born in 1965 in Guyana, she was privately educated at Roedean Girl’s boarding school in East Sussex. She then went on allegedly to work in Brighton hotels as “a chambermaid or clearing up in the restaurant”.

She studied law but doesn’t appear to have qualified as a solicitor. In 2009 she was the co-founder of SCM private, an investment company.

Her anti-Brexit campaigning, according to her, evolves around “democracy and parliamentary supremacy”.

However, there are many members of the public who see her as interfering with the UK government. She was greeted outside the Supreme Court by supporters and protestors.  Supporters chanted her name and protestors called her a traitor.

In various television interviews Ms Miller says that she is not trying to stop Brexit, but attempting to stop a “no deal Brexit”.  Read the full story about her campaign against the Government here.

Given the cost of the actions she has taken many people question her motivation and suggest that her intention is to stop the UK leaving the EU.

Lie detector test about Brexit

We invite Gina Miller to take a lie detector test, at a location of her choice. Do you believe she is telling the truth about not wanting to stop Brexit? Or is she using the courts to frustrate the process of leaving.

What questions would you ask Gina Miller if she agreed to take a test?  And  is there any other public figure you’d like to take a test?  Let us know.