As Netflix aired its 8 hour documentary last week, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Twitter had it trending for over 24 hours. There was nothing new in the documentary, but a compilation of information and speculation that has been available on the internet for all to find. However, by broadcasting it on TV it shone a spotlight on facts that many, who have not closely followed the case, were not aware of. For example, several Twitter users were shocked to learn that Kate McCann had refused to answer over 40 questions put to her by the Portuguese Police. The film makers were completely unbiased and came to no real conclusion. It is surprising that Gerry and Kate McCann declined to participate in it given its neutrality.

£12 million spent on missing Madeleine McCann case

It is almost 12 years since Madeleine McCann vanished on 12 May 2007. The 3 year old was left in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal with her two 18 month old twin siblings whilst her parents went out to dinner.

Never has a missing child attracted such support from the UK government which has spent in the region of £12 million to date on investigating the case.  Each year the police ask for more money to continue the investigation and each year it is paid. Naturally every time more funding is achieved it is reported and to an extent keeps the case in the public eye.

Suspicion, rumour and speculation

Globally, some forensic psychologists, scientific content analysts and those skilled in kinesics (body language) have cast doubt on the veracity of the McCann’s testimony.  In the video below Peter Hyatt, a recognised American expert in deception detection, analyses the various statements the McCanns have made since their daughter disappeared.


Peter Hyatt has worked with law enforcement nationwide and is respected within his field.

In the Netflix documentary attention was drawn to misinformation that the press published in relation to a number of issues. It was intimated that the Portuguese police wanted the McCanns to be responsible for what happened to Madeleine and fed the press misinformation to reinforce that assumption. Whether this is true or not, is a matter of speculation.

Invitation to Gerry and Kate McCann

The McCanns have always denied any responsibility and for this reason, we feel they should take lie detector tests.  In doing so they would:

  • Show those who deem them guilty that they are innocent of any deception
  • Get more people on board to search for Madeleine
  • Gather the sympathy of everyone and not just those who support them
  • Stop the rumours and speculation that have been so much a part of their lives and so hurtful
  • Create a rush of publicity after publishing the results that would again put their missing daughter in the public eye worldwide

Anything that helps to find Madeleine or attracts information leading to an understanding of what happened to her must surely be a good thing.

We invite Gerry and Kate McCann to take lie detector tests at a place of their choice. They can set their own questions and make the decision as to whether or not to publish the results.

Our polygraph examiners are highly trained and accredited professionals who keep all cases confidential.

Let us know whether you think Gerry and Kate McCann should take polygraph tests.