Furloughed Employees take Lie Detector Tests in Coventry

A frustrated and angry employer contacted us about furloughed employees who refused to return to work.  This led to several lie detector tests in Coventry.

Hedley’s Case

Many employers have taken advantage of the Government’s furlough scheme during the corona virus lockdown. Now that the restrictions are lifting many businesses are able to reopen and Hedley asked his employees to return to work. Some were reluctant to do so; still fearing they may contract the virus.  Others couldn’t wait to go back.

Being a reasonable employer, those that could work from home were allowed to.  The remainder duly turned up at the factory.

Working on furlough

One day Hedley’s foreman came into his office and said that he’d heard rumours that some of his workers were moonlighting whilst they were on furlough.

This infuriated Hedley.  He’d always taken care of his employees and deserved their loyalty.  Worse these employees were taking advantage of a scheme designed to help them and deliberately breaking the rules.

Lie detector tests in Coventry

Last year Hedley had included a lie detector test clause in his employment contracts.  This meant that everyone he employs has agreed that random lie detector tests can be used in the workplace.

He called the employees involved (7 in total). 2 immediately admitted to what they had done and resigned.  The other 5 took the tests.

Of those that took tests 3 failed and the remaining 2 admitted to our polygraph examiner that they had been moonlighting.

Hedley is now consulting with his accountant and solicitors as to what action he should take.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

As a nationwide organisation, Lie Detector Test UK conducts polygraph examinations in the commercial, residential and public sectors.  Our West Midlands Polygraph Service administers a high volume of lie detector tests, commercially and in the recruitment industry.

As well established, highly trained and accredited polygraph examiners you can rely on our absolute confidentiality.  Periodic lie detector tests included in your employment contracts can save you a lot of money and time when dealing with dishonest employees.  They are an affordable way of preserving your reputation and staff loyalty as well as the fastest loss prevention method on the market today.

If you need to resolve problems with existing employees or need help with the pre-employment screening process please contact us.  Our helpline is free (07572 748364), as is our advice, so we encourage you take advantage of it.