February 2020 Lie Detector Test News Round up

Feb 29, 2020

With Spring nearly upon us, did the colder weather leave our polygraph examiners out in the cold? The answer is no! We have been busier than ever. We’ve been answering your questions and sharing some of the most interesting news stories and case studies  this month.  If you haven’t managed to catch up yet, here’s our February 2020 lie detector test news round up featuring the best of the best.

February is the month St Valentine makes a visit. Was love in the air for our clients? Read on to find out.

Cheating WRAF wife, Terrorism in London, Payment options for lie detector tests

1 February – Is this “stay at home” dad worried his wife is cheating for no reason? Read on to see if this WRAF wife is as innocent as she protests

3 February – More terrorism in London from an offender already known to the police, read our report here

4 February – Can’t afford a lie detector test immediately? See how we can help by clicking here

Rehab fail, Brutal suggestion to stop terrorists, Online dating disaster

4 February – Torquay lie detector test confirms rehabilitation failure. Did going to prison do any good?

5 February – Express.co.uk reviews the Jeremy Vine panel stunned by guest who proposes “absolutely brutal” way to tackle terrorism

5 February – Coventry woman needs a lie detector test to expose an online gigolo

Theft within the family, Theft in the workplace, False allegations against Vicar

6 February – Someone is stealing from me! This case study exposes dishonest siblings

7 February – Our Basildon examiner advises a manager regarding the relationship between friends and staff. What do you do if someone is stealing?

8 February – Middlesbrough Vicar needs polygraph examination to prove his innocence, read out shocking case study here

Dishonest politician, Valentine’s Day suspicion, DNA infidelity tests

9 February – MP’s are honest, right? This case study may prove the opposite

10 February – Will a lie detector test establish where my husband is spending Valentines Day? Our South London examiner answers this question

11 February – DNA infidelity tests could land you in prison for 3 years, read on for more information

Suspected infidelity, False allegations of child abuse, Doubts about commitment

12 February – Ayr case study for infidelity, was this “jack the lad” cheating or in love?

13 February – West London lie detector test disproves false allegations of child abuse

14 February – Cambridge lie detector results prove gay couples commitment

Emotional domestic abuse, Caroline Flack, Identifying radicalisation

15 February –  Our Bradford polygraph examiner advises client about emotional domestic abuse

16 February –  Considering the tragic death of Caroline Flack, we ask should production companies stop reality TV shows?

17 February – Are you worried about radicalisation? Our Bristol examiner offers help to a worried sibling

Advice about bullying, John Bercow bullying allegations, Cheating girlfriend behaviour

18 February – What do you do when a teenager accuses another of being bullied, and it’s denied? Our Worcester examiner gives advice

18 February – LBC News report. John Bercow feels there is an “orchestrated” campaign to assassinate his character

19 February – Is my girlfriend cheating? We advise a Manchester partner on the next steps

Homophobic parents, Fake references, Morality and religion

20 February – Homophobic parents shamed by Newcastle lie detector test

21 February – Do you need a reference for a job? Shocking case study reveals a family member who obtained fake ones

22 February – Are you a good girl? Parents disown daughter until she takes a lie detector test and proves them wrong

Suspected paedophile, Drug abuse and depression, Cheating girlfriend

23 February – Kings Lynn polygraph examiner addresses indecent images on laptop

24 February – Drug abuse and depression advice from our Darlington polygraph examiner

25 February – Hereford lie detector test exposes cheating gold digger

Drug addiction concerns, Lie detector tests cost UK, Suspected infidelity, Cheating boyfriend behaviour

26 February – A worried friend wrote into us about drug addiction. Read here to see what advice our Huddersfield polygraph examiner had to offer

27 February – Why do lie detector tests costs vary in the UK? Are all reviews good ones? If you’re looking to book a lie detector test then we advise what to check when your searching

28 February – Aberdeen lie detector test case study regarding suspected infidelity

29 February – Signs to look for  if you think your boyfriend might be cheating.

February 2020 lie detector test news

So that’s our February 2020 lie detector test news round up.  Did we miss anything?  If you’ve seen a story that you’d like included in our next roundup, let us know.  Comments from our readers are always welcome

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