Dudley Polygraph Examiner deals with Ghostly Encounters

Oct 12, 2020

Dudley Polygraph Examiner deals with Ghostly Encounters

This query came from someone in the West Midlands regarding ghostly encounters and our Dudley polygraph examiner responded to it.

Q: Will a lie detector test prove to my sceptical friends that I have seen a ghost in my house?

I have seen a ghost several times in my house and my friends and family don’t believe me.  Whenever they visit or stay overnight they don’t see her which makes me feel pretty foolish. But she definitely exists.

The first time I saw her she was passing through a door from the kitchen to the dining room. It gave me a bit of a shock I can tell you.  But when I looked in the dining room she wasn’t there.

I have variously seen her in the garden, going up the stairs and I hear her walking about at night. I’ve become less scared the more I catch a glimpse of her because I don’t think she means me harm.

I’d like to take a lie detector test to stop everyone I’ve mentioned it to ridiculing me and suggesting I’m going off my head.  I know what I have seen.

Can you help?

L. E., Dudley

Response from Dudley Polygraph Examiner

You can certainly take a lie detector test but the results may not give you the outcome you are looking for.  If you believe you have seen a ghost you will pass the test.  However, it won’t prove that the ghost exists – just that you believe you have seen one.

You are not alone in your experience.  It’s often the case that people don’t believe in ghosts unless they encounter one personally.

If you feel that the results from a polygraph examination will encourage your friends and family to take you seriously, I am more than happy to conduct one. But you might want to contact paranormal investigators such as Birmingham Ghost Hunters to see if they can assist you.


Depending on your faith, and whether or not you want to be rid of her, you can approach the church to carry out an exorcism.  For example, the Catholic Church approves of the process which seems to be on the rise at the moment.  You can find out more from your local priest,  or click here for more information about exorcisms.

West Midlands lie detector tests

If you decide to go ahead with a test you can book one at a location of your choice via our online secure booking system. We can administer the test in your home or at one of our controlled offices. When you book on a Wednesday you can get an office test done for the same price as a home test with our ‘Hump Day’ offer.

Alternatively if you would like to discuss the issue in more detail please call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Our customer care personnel are friendly and your conversation will be kept entirely confidential.  Please mention that the Dudley polygraph examiner has suggested you call.

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