Our client was worried that her sister might lose her job. She asked us to conduct a lie detector test for drug addiction in Manchester. The results were met with considerable relief.

Scarlet’s case

Scarlet’s sister, Jade, had some trouble at work recently.  Jade told Scarlet she had been disciplined by the veterinary practice in which she worked. Scarlet was surprised because Jade was in her dream job. She had always wanted to be a vet and went to college for some years to achieve it.  Unfortunately she failed her exams but due to her qualifications a local vet gave her a job as an apprentice veterinary nurse. The training she received in house would allow her to retake her exams in the future.

Party girl

Jade had always been into the party scene. Scarlett thought at 24 Jade would have grown out of the nights clubbing till the small hours of the morning. The reality was the reverse. Indeed Jade appeared to be out clubbing more often than usual. She was disciplined at work because some drugs had gone missing. She was the only one with the key and made some sort of excuse about maybe miscounting the delivery. This is why she was only disciplined and not fired.

Scarlett had noticed that Jade often seemed spaced out or dreadfully hungover. When asked about it, Jade said that she only went out once a week and was entitled to wind down with a few drinks. However, Scarlett had done a fair share of partying in her youth and could see a “come down” a mile off.  Given the disciplinary action she wondered whether Jade was taking or selling animal drugs on the party scene.

Lie detector test for drug addiction in Manchester

Concerned that her sister’s career would be over before it had begun, Scarlett contacted us. We suggested a lie detector test for drug addiction in Manchester would either confirm or negate her suspicions.  Since Jade lived with Scarlett she was able to persuade her to take the test, stating that she was worried about the influence Jade might have on the teenagers in the family.

Jade was more than willing to take a test for two reasons.  The first was to prove to her sister that she wasn’t taking drugs. The second was to prove to her employers that she had not stolen the drugs from the practice.

Jade passed on both counts.  She wasn’t taking drugs and she certainly hadn’t stolen any.  However, she took on board that her alcohol consumption could lead to addiction.  She is now drinking and partying less.

If you are worried about the behaviour of someone close, perhaps a lie detector test could help.  Drug addiction in Manchester is rising year on year.  Polygraph services help addicts come to terms with their addiction and to seek treatment. They also dispel suspicion. Call our free helpline on 07572 748364  for more information.