Lie Detector Test in Ipswich exposes Cheating Husband

More often than not, the results from a polygraph examination provide the motivation to move forward with your life.  This is what our client found after her husband took a lie detector test in Ipswich.

Stella’s Case

Stella was getting annoyed with Jimmy’s constant drinking. They were struggling as it was and he couldn’t go one day without a beer. Originally, she thought it was just his way of finding friends in the new town they’d moved to but it was beginning to get on her nerves. They argued constantly.

They’d bought the house for a knock down price but it needed quite a few DIY jobs doing.  Jimmy said that he could do the work which convinced Stella to agree to the purchase. Since they had moved in the house was a mess and she was always blamed for it. He wasn’t working and when he was in the house spent most of his time complaining about the state of it or moaning that she hadn’t fed him. In the time he spent moaning he could easily have rolled up his sleeves and got on with the work. Stella constantly questioned why she put up with it but she had a vested interest in their new home and wouldn’t let him ruin any chances of her finishing it.

Apologies until the next time

Jimmy would always say things to hurt her and make her feel bad about herself, really hurtful things. She’d try not to cry in front of him but sometimes it was hard. The next day he’d be sorry and say he loved her and wanted to try again, that he was drunk and he would stop drinking if she’d stay. Stupidly she did but she began to feel uneasy about where he was all the time. He’d say he was in one bar when he wasn’t or he’d been round to his friends whenever they rowed. He’d leave the house with his wedding ring on and come home without it. Jimmy would say he’d taken it off to hurt her but he was doing it nearly every week. He’d find an excuse for an argument and leave, not coming home till the early hours of the morning or sometimes not at all for days on end.

Lie detector test in Ipswich

Stella had been thinking about booking a lie detector test in Ipswich for some time. She’d been watching late-night TV and had seen one used to see if a partner was cheating. It was an American show but she knew you must be able to get one in the UK and got on the internet. She’d been thinking of leaving Jimmy for some time but she needed more than just that and the name-calling to cement it in her head. She’d accused him before and he told her not to be so ridiculous. She wanted to be sure and so booked a polygraph test with us for the following week. Stella knew how it’d play out. She didn’t need to wait long before Jimmy was on his hands and knees begging her forgiveness for the second time in a week. Stella said she’d stay but only if he took the lie detector test in Ipswich. Jimmy agreed as she knew he would.

Motivation to move forward

Jimmy took the test. When the results proved he had cheated that gave Stella the motivation she needed. He begged and pleaded saying the test was wrong but she knew it wasn’t. Although she loved Jimmy and their 6-year marriage, she couldn’t take any more and left. Jimmy has been calling her constantly begging to be forgiven still claiming the test was wrong. It wasn’t and even he knows that.

Jimmy would do well to consider admitting his guilt. If he did perhaps there might be some way to salvage his marriage through counselling, as many couples do after taking polygraph tests.

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