Darlington polygraph test proves affair

A Darlington polygraph test recently revealed that a husband was guilty of cheating on his wife. Tiffany came to Lie Detector Test UK when she suspected that her husband was having an affair with his ex. Here is Tiffany’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped her discover the truth she deserved.

The beginning

Tiffany and Mark met when they were both 36. The pair both joined a local slimming group, and immediately hit it off. Mark had two small children from a previous marriage which ended two years before. He told Tiffany how he had joined the slimming group because his divorce had him stress eating for comfort and release. Tiffany had been single for four years after breaking up with her boyfriend who cheated on her. She hadn’t trusted anyone since and turned to food for comfort eating.

Suspicion starts

Mark regularly met with his ex in order to collect his two small boys. Tiffany said she also met his ex-wife Sarah, and that the group of adults got on well for the sake of the children. However, one night when Mark had gone to collect the children, Tiffany noticed he had forgotten his phone which was on the sofa. She noticed the phone kept going off with notifications from messages. The texts were all from Sarah so she assumed it was over collecting the boys.

More texting

A week later, Tiffany noticed Marks phone was going off again. The boys had gone to a football match with their dad, so Tiffany was confused as to why Sarah was messaging so much. Concerned there might be an emergency, Tiffany unlocked Marks phone and decided to check the texts from Sarah. To Tiffany’s surprise, she saw a whole text chain between Sarah and Mark about meeting up and “Talking” or “going for dinner” and also mentions of cinema that weekend when Mark dropped off the boys. Mark had told Tiffany he had been late after dropping or collecting the boys because he had been taking them for food, or spending more “Dad” time with them. Tiffany felt hurt and upset but decided she would try and calm down and talk to Mark first to see what was happening.


When Mark got home later that evening after dropping off the boys, Tiffany confronted Mark over the texts. Mark said they were nothing and that him and Sarah had been hanging out more because Sarah had wanted to talk to him about a job promotion. The promotion meant she would be another hour away and so would the boys. Mark said Sarah had asked him to hang out more with the boys to maybe consider having them move to live with him and Tiffany. Tiffany wasn’t sure if Mark was telling the truth still, but remembered Sarah mentioning a job promotion last time she had seen her.

Time for a lie detector test

Tiffany went shopping a week later in Darlington and bumped into Marks old neighbour Richard. Mark was close friends with Richard and the couple invited him to their wedding, and Mark had him at his stag do. Richard hugged Tiffany and said he had been thinking of her and how was she doing after the separation. Confused, Tiffany asked Richard what he meant. Richard explained he had seen Mark getting into his car after staying overnight with Sarah and giving her a romantic kiss goodbye. He said he had assumed that mark and Sarah were giving things another go and that Mark had asked for a divorce from Tiffany.

The Test

Later that evening Tiffany told Mark she wanted him to take a lie detector test. Mark agreed to taking a test in Darlington. A week later the couple turned up and Mark took his polygraph test. The test showed Mark was lying. Mark soon broke down in tears and confessed to Tiffany that he had been having an affair with his ex-wife Sarah. He said he hadn’t expected it to happen but that the more they spent time together the more the fond memories had come back to them. Mark said he wanted to tell Tiffany but he was confused over how he felt. He asked Tiffany if they could go to couples counselling, along with Sarah to decide what was going on. Tiffany said she was hurt and needed space but would consider counselling in time when she knew how she felt.

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