Croydon polygraph used in sexual harassment case

A Croydon polygraph could have been used to help police in a sexual harassment case. An ex-footballer travelling on a train to Croydon assaulted a passenger and police officer.

The case

A former football player sexually assaulted a woman on  train. He then attempted to grope a female police officer arresting him, on a train to Clapham Junction has avoided jail. Debarge Cobourne, 22, had admitted touching the two women in 2019 whilst he was on drugs.

Crown court

Appearing today (Friday, April 1) at Inner London Crown Court, he was handed a 12-month community order for assaulting a female passenger and a police officer. Cobourne had committed the acts whilst travelling on a train to East Croydon late at night, after accidentally taking illegal substances.

Cobourne, who had previously played for AFC Wimbledon’s Academy, had approached a woman at around 11pm and began to touch her, before she succeeded in pushing him away. Police were called, and Cobourne then attempted to grope a female police officer before he was arrested.

Police interview

Judge Nigel Peters QC told him: “You were very fortunate that on this occasion the victim acted in a very swift way, to push away what must have been a very threatening situation when you came down on her under some sort of influence and touched her.

Shameful actions

“Thankfully she pushed you away otherwise who knows what would have happened and the charges might have been worse.” He recognised that Cobourne had “accepted and was ashamed” of his actions, and that he had no previous convictions prior to the assaults.

He had originally denied the two charges of sexual assault but following a re-trial, changed his pleas to guilty. He is now serving a 12-month community order and must now undergo a 28 days of rehabilitation activity requirement.

How a polygraph test could have helped

Victims of fraud and theft by criminals are asking Police to conduct more polygraph tests at interrogation stages. Since police have put new measures in place to conduct lie detector tests on sex-offenders and abusers, crime rates have plummeted. Communities feel safer knowing abusers and offenders are now subject to regular polygraph testing as part of release terms. The same applies for communities in regards to criminals of fraud and theft.

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