Could a polygraph prove girlfriend is lying?

Warren recently asked if a polygraph test could prove his girlfriend guilty of lying about his friend. He wrote to our office in Shrewsbury and explained how Alice (his girlfriend) had claimed his friend Mark had tried to kiss her. Here is Warren’s story and our examiners response.

The rumours

Warren has been friends with Mark for over six years. The pair have grown up together and Warren thinks of Mark more like a brother to him. Warren says how things between him and Mark started to change slightly when he met Alice. At a gig one night at the student’s union, Mark bumped into Alice at the bar and the pair hit it off. Four months later the pair were inseparable and Warren tells us how Mark started to become jealous.

Mark told Warren that he had become a rubbish friend and how Alice was breaking them apart. He asked if Warren could spend more time with him, and Warren apologised and agreed he would. However, Mark kept saying bad words about Alice when him and Warren were hanging out. Therefore, Warren didn’t want to hang out with Mark as much because he didn’t want to keep arguing or hearing bad words about Alice.

Alice speaks up

Two more months went by of Warren and Alice dating. Alice rang Warren crying one evening after working behind the bar at the student’s union. Alice told Warren how Mark had cornered her and accused her of being to blame for him losing his best friend. He then started to call her “easy” and a “trash girl who sleeps about” before  trying to kiss her. Alice says she struggled as Mark leapt on her and forced a kiss on her, to which she finally broke off and ran away. Warren asked Alice if he had been drinking but she said he was sober as he was driving friends home.

I want a polygraph test

Warren went round to Marks flat to immediately ask him what he was playing at. Mark said he had no recollection of even seeing Alice let alone trying to kiss her. Warren says he could tell Mark wasn’t lying, but he also didn’t think Alice would lie for no reason.

Looking online at ways to try and see how someone could be lying, or advice on friends and girlfriends that don’t get on, Warren came across polygraph tests. Reading more into how a polygraph test can prove someone is lying, Warren decided to submit his case to our examiner to get their expert advice and help on his situation.

Our Examiner’s response

Whatever you decide in your case, it is important that right now you treat both your best friend and your girlfriend with the same respect. Both of these people are close to you in your life and it would be a shame to lose either one of them. I would suggest that you ask both of them to take a lie detector test to not show any favouritism or unfair treatment to the other party. Once you have clear results from both Mark and Alice, you will be in a much stronger position to make any decisions. Simply explain to both of them that the issues they have with each other are hurtful to you and you feel you deserve the truth from a polyfgraph test.

When all of you are ready to move forwards and close this issue, you can book a test online or call our free helpline on 07572 748364. We really hope you get in touch and that we can help you resolve this issue as a group and become friends together.