Advice from Colchester Polygraph Examiner on Suspected Gambling Addiction

When you know there is a problem but you don’t know what it is, a lie detector test is the fastest way to find out. This dilemma was dealt with by our Colchester Polygraph Examiner

Q: Will a lie detector test help me find out what my husband is up to?

My husband, Aaron, recently bought a new car and I’m concerned. We only had £6,000 and he has managed to get a new Mercedes. The car itself seems sound enough but I’m worried about the safety of it, and if he’s knowingly bought a car that may not be legitimate. I’ve heard stories about the car dealer and he has been convicted in the past of ringing cars.

£6,000 wouldn’t have bought the type of car he’s come home with. It appears quite new and either it is dodgy or he’s been getting money from somewhere else. I spoke to the dealer and he said that he can’t discuss the details with me as Aaron bought the car.

My husband has previously had a gambling habit and since he’s had the new car he seems to be a bit shady when I try to broach the subject. We have two young children and I don’t want them getting into a car that is unsafe. I also want to know if my husband is gambling again. It crossed my mind to call the police but if he is gambling and this is how he’s got the money, I don’t want to cause trouble. I also know if it is a dodgy car that we will have lost our money and the car will be taken away.

I’m thinking if I get my husband to do a lie detector test then I can find out if he’s gambling but also if the car is dodgy. Maybe armed with the results I can show them to the dealer in the hope he’d give us our money back.

E. Y., Colchester

Response from Colchester Polygraph Examiner

What a dilemma for you.  A lie detector test can establish the truth regarding the car and how your husband got the money to pay for it.

He may have won the money and therefore was in a position to pay more than the budget you had allowed for it.  Or as you say, the car might not be legitimate.

If he won the money and has had a gambling addiction previously, you must be very concerned that he might be gambling again.

However, the only way you will find out if he won’t tell you himself is to book a lie detector test for him.  It may be if you tell him that’s what you intend to do, he will confess. But if he doesn’t and you can convince him to take a test, I’m happy to administer it.

To discuss the matter further, please call our free helpline in confidence (07572 748364). Let our customer support representative know that the Colchester Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call.

Alternatively, if you are sure that your husband will agree, you can book a polygraph test online using our secure reservation system.

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