We are proud supporters of mental health charity Mind (www.mind.org.uk)

Mental Health and Distressed Callers

Over the many calls we receive we often encounter distressed people who through the toll of hardship, suffering or ongoing trust issues become more susceptible to mental ill health. Although, we are able to help clients in finding the truth and bringing closure to matters in many cases the pain and suffering has been over a prolonged period and both parties can often have been suffering in silence. There is also proven evidence to suggest that the trauma of infidelity can continue long after the event and have a continual affect on mental health.

Psychological Well-being

Infidelity and suspicions can be long and drawn out in terms of keeping the people involved in a heightened state of arousal and constant rumination of negative thoughts. At our best we can assist to verify the truth and disprove lies but when it comes to dealing with the outcome, organisations like Mind in the UK are very important in assisting people and advising on recovery. In many cases with our clients we encounter historical issues which have formed an under belly in the thought trails and resulted in low mood, low self esteem and the

The following video from Mind, highlights some tips on how to relax when under stress.

Our work is about discovering the truth but in terms of the mental strain we are not trained to provide assistance and guidance. We chose Mind as it is an organisation that can help with advice and guidance and should you any way concerned then please reach out to them, we have provided their details below.

Handling the results of the Lie Detector Test can also be difficult as they may confirm your thoughts or alternatively cause a sense of shock or anger. There are various self help techniques such as mindfulness which are available and can help in handling the emotions you feel when receiving the results. We would recommend that you seek help in all cases where you feel that the news has affected your mental state and such is the nature of receiving shocking or revealing news that negative primary emotions may be evoked. It is important to prepare and think about positive actions to handle multiple outcomes but to do so in a proactive way and not involve yourself in negative self-talk.

In a recent meeting we looked at various causes to nominate as our designated charity. Mind is a very helpful organisation and as part of our new protocol, where we find clients that our particular in a state of distress, we will recommend that they contact Mind and will be actively supporting the charity with fund raising and donations. We will be publishing news about our work in support of Mind in the future and please feel free to contact us if you would like to help in any way.

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