Invitation to Ghislaine Maxwell to take a Central London Lie Detector Test

Nov 24, 2019

Since the apparent suicide of financier Jeffrey Epstein, his erstwhile girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell has been avidly sought by the media.  The Sun reports that she is soon to emerge from hiding to speak with the FBI.  We invite her to take our Central London lie detector test or to submit to the polygraph in any location of her choice.

There has been much speculation in the media regarding her involvement (or lack thereof) in Epstein’s sex trafficking of minors.  Ms Maxwell has consistently denied that she assisted Epstein in procuring underage girls. According to The Sun she is set to defend not only herself but also Prince Andrew, her longstanding friend.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

The youngest child of Robert Maxwell (deceased) Ms Maxwell was fairly active in the London social scene during the 80s. Born on Christmas day in 1961, she was purported to be her father’s favourite child.  Her name became prominent when Robert Maxwell named his £ multi-million yacht after her in 1986 (Lady Ghislaine).

Educated at Oxford, Ms Maxwell enjoyed an extremely close relationship with her father. She worked in many of his businesses and assisted him when required.  Robert Maxwell is infamously remembered for misappropriating the Mirror Group Newspapers pension fund when over £400 million went missing from it.  In 1991 when Maxwell died, in what was recorded as an accidental drowning, it was Ghislaine who arrived in Tenerife to deal with his affairs.  She has always maintained that her father was murdered claiming it was inconsistent with his character to have committed suicide. It was after his death that the Mirror fraud came to light.

She moved from the UK to the USA not long after her father’s death. The Concorde flight she took to get there was widely publicised in the media.  At the time, it was considered outrageous that she should take such an expensive flight at a time when her father’s pension fraud had been discovered.

Ms Maxwell has never been far away from the rich and famous.

Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine began her relationship with Epstein shortly after her father’s demise but the nature of it is not clear.  She has been variously described as his “main girlfriend”, “aggressive assistant” and “Lady of the house” by people who worked for Epstein.  She had a pivotal role in Epstein’s life, both private and public.  She engaged, supervised and fired his staff from around 1992. Epstein considered her to be his best friend according to a 2003 article that was published in Vanity Fair profiling Epstein.  The author noticed that Ghislaine Maxwell organised much of Epstein’s life.

It was Ms Maxwell who introduced Prince Andrew to Epstein and the trio were often seen socialising together.  The Prince arranged a birthday party at Sandringham for Ms Maxwell when she was 39.  She attended that party with Epstein.

Victims of Epstein have alleged that Ms Maxwell procured young girls for him.

Following Epstein’s conviction in 2008, for “procuring an underage girl for prostitution and soliciting a prostitute”, and subsequent incarceration for 13 months of an 18 month sentence, Ms Maxwell was not seen in public with him again.

Victoria Giuffre (Roberts)

A civil case that was filed in New York during 2015 Victoria Giuffre alleged that Ghislaine Maxwell introduced her to Epstein in 1999 when she was 15. Ms Giuffre was working at the Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida when she met Ms Maxwell.  She accused Ms Maxwell of grooming her and teaching her how to perform oral sex on Epstein.   Ms Giuffre also accused Epstein and Maxwell of trafficking her and other minors for sex at parties held in the various homes owned by Epstein.  She alleged that Ms Maxwell had “facilitated Prince Andrew’s acts of sexual abuse”.

All allegations were denied by Ghislaine and she called Ms Giuffre a liar.  This led to Ms Giuffre suing Ms Maxwell for defamation.   In 2017 the matter was settled with Ms Giuffre receiving purported millions, although this figure has never been made public.

Since then other cases have been brought by Sarah Ransome, Maria Farmer and Jennifer Araoz among others.  All allegations are similar to those made by Ms Giuffre.  Some of the cases have been settled, others not.  You can read more information about these cases by clicking here

Central London lie detector test

Following Prince Andrew’s recent BBC interview regarding his relationship with Epstein and Ms Giuffre, we invited him to take a polygraph test.  So far that invitation has not been accepted.

We extend the same invitation to Ghislaine Maxwell in order for her to answer questions about her role in Epstein’s activities, if indeed she had one.  It’s been suggested that she is at her London home in Belgravia. Our Central London lie detector test can be performed either in our discreet, controlled offices or at her home.

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