Car Vandal identified by Hatfield Lie Detector Test

Our client found that vandalism wasn’t high on the list of crime investigation by his local police force.  So he booked a Hatfield lie detector test to investigate one suspect.

Paul’s Case

Having separated amicably from his wife, Amanda, Paul was pleased that they could remain friends. He got a flat in town and left Amanda and his two children in the matrimonial home. They shared custody of the children in an informal arrangement. This had worked well for 3 years. It wasn’t until he met a new girlfriend that things began to deteriorate.  He’d had the odd fling before but Isabel was serious. She moved in with him within a few weeks of them meeting.

Child access denied

When Amanda found out from the children that there was another woman in Paul’s life, her behaviour became irrational. Suddenly it was inconvenient for the children to stay over. Often when he arrived to collect them, she would say that they were ill. When he hadn’t seen his kids for two months Paul became angry.

Amanda told him that the real reason he couldn’t have the children was because they had complained that Isabel was nasty to them. They didn’t want to stay over at his flat any more. Paul said this was nonsense since they’d never mentioned it to him. Amanda said they hadn’t wanted to hurt his feelings.

Paul agreed that he would either spend time with the kids at their home or take them out. Taking them out was difficult because of Covid restrictions but he would look into it.

Heated conversation

Not long after this new agreement had been made, Isabel called Amanda. She was furious that she’d been accused of being nasty to the children.  They were clearly lying, she said. Amanda was not best pleased to have her children called liars and hung up.

There followed several telephone calls from Isabel bordering on the deranged. She accused Amanda of wanting Paul back and of being jealous of his relationship with her. None of this was true.

When Paul turned up to spend time with the children he asked Amanda why she kept phoning Isabel. When Amanda said it was the other way round Paul didn’t seem to believe her.

Car vandalised

A few weeks later, Paul had to spend the weekend with his parents.  His father was terminally ill and his mother had a fall. No care could be arranged until the following Monday so Paul went to help. When he got back he was horrified to see Isabel’s car in the car park with paint peeling off it and various profanities sprayed over it.

Rushing into his flat he found Isabel in tears.  She’d called the police and they hadn’t come yet. She felt sure she knew who had done it but they still hadn’t arrived.  Paul asked who she thought had done it and she said “Amanda of course”.

Amanda was many things but a car vandal wasn’t one of them in his view.  “Who else could it be?” Isabel sobbed.

Paul arranged for a local bodyshop to assess the damage on the car and they said it looked like someone had poured brake fluid over it. He arranged for a respray. Unfortunately Isabel’s insurance didn’t cover vandalism so it was going to be expensive.

Hatfield lie detector test

Amanda emphatically denied vandalising the car. She asked if there was CCTV over the car park. There was but it wasn’t working Paul responded.  Whoever did it had a personal grievance and he couldn’t think of anyone other than Amanda that had one.

It was Isabel who had convinced Paul she had a grievance and it simply wasn’t true, Amanda responded. However, she had a good idea who might have done it and that was Isabel. It was clear from very early on that Isabel didn’t like her continued friendship with Paul and if anyone was jealous it was her.  What better way to cause a permanent rift between them?

It was Amanda who suggested taking a Hatfield lie detector test to prove her innocence as long as Paul paid for it.  Our London polygraph examiner found no deception in the answers to the questions she posed. Amanda had not vandalised the car.


Isabel has refused to take a lie detector test and Paul is threatening to end their relationship unless she does.  The police have still not turned up so we await an update with interest