Can a Surrey Lie Detector Test help find a Missing Friend?

May 18, 2020

Can a Surrey Lie Detector Test help find a Missing Friend?

When someone disappears and they are never found, it’s difficult for those close to the missing person to come to terms with it.  We were asked if a Surrey lie detector test could help find her.

Q: My friend disappeared some years ago and I’d like to know whether your Surrey lie detector test service can help me gain some closure?

I am writing to you because my friend’s disappearance has played on my mind for years.  The case is quite well known but I don’t want to give too many details until I know whether you can help.

The case was investigated by the police and there has been a documentary made about it.  But despite the input of journalists and a retired police officer, still we are no nearer finding out what happened to her.

There have been many theories presented over the past almost 25 years. They include that she disappeared to change her identity and lead a new life. As a teenager, who had led a fairly sheltered life, she would never have been able to achieve this on her own.  If she had help then someone knows where she is now.

Other theories are that she was kidnapped, involved in some form of accident, murdered or committed suicide.  If she was in an accident then surely the authorities would have been able to identify her.  Given her last known location, it is possible she went there to take her own life, but where is the body?

This may sound absolutely mad but I had a dream the other night and she was in it.  She told me that someone close to her is telling lies. I realise that my dream may well have happened because she is never far from my mind.  But I want to follow this up.

Do you think if I could get this person to take a Surrey lie detector test, you could ask the right type of questions to get the truth?

M A., Surrey

Response from Surrey Polygraph Examiner

How very sad that you have had this playing on your mind for so long.  When someone vanishes without trace it is so much more difficult to handle.

In answer to your query, I confirm that a polygraph examination may well help depending on who is taking it and their answers to carefully formulated questions.

Some UK police forces frequently use lie detector tests for monitoring certain types of criminals who are released from prison on licence.  The results of such tests often lead to deeper investigation into the criminals’ activities. The same method could easily apply to a missing person case.

However, if someone is telling lies about your friend’s disappearance or withholding information about it, they may be reluctant to cooperate with our Surrey lie detector test service.

The best thing for you to do is call our free helpline (0800 368 8277) to discuss the case in more detail.  Our service is completely confidential so you need not worry about calling.  Our advice is free and you will be under no obligation to a book a test after we have given it. If we can help we will. Please let our customer service representative know that the Surrey Polygraph Examiner has suggested you contact us.

Surrey lie detector test service

Part of our London and Home Counties service, a Surrey lie detector test can be taken in various locations throughout the county.  Check out our nationwide offices to find a location near to you.

Please note that currently we are offering a reduced price for polygraph examinations taken at home. This is because we don’t want clients to expose themselves to the coronavirus, any more than is necessary.  Travelling to our offices places you at risk from people you encounter en-route.

All Lie Detector Test UK polygraph examiners have tested negative from the Covid-19.  Their polygraph equipment is sterilised before and after use.  Masks will be worn for the duration of the lie detector test.

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