This question was responded to by one of our polygraph examiners at the Peterborough office. The question came from Karl. After surprising his wife on a “work weekend” away, Karl realised his wife wasn’t alone in company.

The story

Karl has been happily married to Sophia for over 5 years. The couple have recently been trying for their first child. Karl says tension started to rise within the marriage when Sophia didn’t fall pregnant after trying. Becoming tired of the arguing and the mundane routine their life was taking, Karl decided to surprise Sophia on one of her recent work trips. Sophia went away to wales for a team building weekend.

Karl checked into the hotel where Sophia was staying  and informed them of his surprise, ordering champagne to the room. Karl expected Sophia to be back after a team dinner so ran a bath and relaxed for a while. The evening went on and he decided to text Sophia – not ruining his surprise that he was at the hotel. Surprisingly, Sophia’s reply said she was tired and just about to go to bed – Karl knew this was a lie.

Do I need a lie detector test?

Finally at 11.30pm, Sophia unlocked her hotel room door, and drunkenly stumbled in, however she had a work colleague on her arm – Andy. Karl greeted the pair and immediately Andy said goodnight. Karl questioned Sophia if she was having an affair, to which she laughed and told him not to be so paranoid. Sophia said she text saying she was in bed as she didn’t want Karl to become jealous.

A few days passed since the retreat and Karl couldn’t help shaking the gut feeling that something was right, and that Sophia seemed distant. It was then that Karl decided to get in touch with our Peterborough team and ask for our professional advice on what to do.

Response from Peterborough polygraph services

A lie detector test for infidelity will always indicate if your partner is being truthful or not. If Sophia doesn’t seem comfortable with the suggestion, and you suspect her colleague Andy, you could always suggest that Andy takes the test.

It is understandable that any couple trying for a baby can feel pressured. We would always suggest a relationship counsellor to also help in these cases. Suspicion can be hard to dismiss, especially if you have a gut feeling. If your partner is happy to prove their innocence and doesn’t feel accused a lie detector can be beneficial for both of you.

Peterborough polygraph services

If you are unsure on booking, see our free helpline that you can ring to discuss the matter further. Alternatively, if this is the route you wish to pursue then you can book your polygraph test online using our secure reservation system. We work throughout Epsom and nationwide so you can find the nearest services available to you.