Case Study | Brother exposes Double Betrayal with Lie Detector Test in Reading

Aug 31, 2020

Brother exposes Double Betrayal with Lie Detector Test in Reading

An overly protective brother fell out with his sister over her latest boyfriend when he told her he was cheating.  It resulted in a lie detector test in Reading.

Oliver’s Case

Oliver had his suspicions about his soon to be brother-in-law Jeff.  He hadn’t been overjoyed when Jeff started dating his sister Tammy but he’d put up with it. He’d tried to play the hard man and over protective brother with Tammy’s previous boyfriends and it caused arguments between the two of them, which seemed to last forever. Mostly he’d been right about the type of guys she went for but the ones he liked, Tammy always dumped. It seemed she was always attracted to the bad boys. And true to form they ended up dumping her and breaking her heart when they got bored. Jeff was different and had actually got as far as putting a ring on her finger, but Oliver couldn’t let her marry someone he was confident was playing away from home.

Playing detective

In previous relationships, Oliver had gone in with all guns blazing and there’d be a huge row. Tammy would then get dumped and blame Oliver for playing a part in the break up. This time he knew he needed to get something concrete to stop his sister getting hurt again, but what? He knew Jeff regularly went to the gym on a Friday night and offered to do a bit of male bonding. Jeff didn’t want him to go with him for some reason and Oliver knew this was his chance. He knew Jeff always told Tammy he went out for drinks with the gym guys and she would never see him again until Sunday lunch at their parents’ house. So he decided to follow him.

Surprise, surprise

Oliver was shocked when he saw Jenny meet up with Jeff on Friday night. Jenny had been Tammy’s best friend since school and they were inseparable. At least they were except on a Friday and Saturday night. Oliver had never put the two of the situations together, but now it was obvious as he watched them holding hands going into a local bar. True to form, Oliver stormed into the pub and demanded to know what was going on. It was clear that both Jeff and Jenny were surprised but they both laughed. They knew Oliver’s past with Tammy and they knew they’d be believed and he wouldn’t.

Lie Detector test in Reading

Oliver told Tammy what he’d seen and, as Jeff and Jenny predicted, she didn’t believe him.  With Jeff smirking at him across the table at Sunday lunch, he thought he would explode.

Discussing the issue later with his parents, they suggested that Oliver book a lie detector test in Reading for one or other of the ‘accused’.  The difficulty would be in getting them to agree.  Tammy wouldn’t countenance it.  She said she wasn’t prepared to put her boyfriend through it just to have him dump her because she didn’t trust him.  Asking Jenny to take one would have the same effect. Oliver was angry that it didn’t seem to bother her that she was prepared to accuse her own brother of telling lies. So he booked himself a test online with Lie Detector Test UK.

He attended a lie detector test in Reading and was asked questions about what he had seen and what he had been told.  The results proved that he was telling the truth.  24 hours later he confronted Tammy with his polygraph examination results. She was terribly upset and ended up in tears.

Denial and betrayal

When Jeff and Jenny were told about the results of Oliver’s lie detector test in Reading, they still denied it.  Tammy said if that was the case then they wouldn’t mind taking tests themselves.  Jeff refused outright but Jenny said she’d do it.  However, before her appointment Jenny did the right thing and confessed to Tammy. She’d been having an affair with Jeff for some months. Tammy no longer sees Jenny or Jeff.  As far as she knows they are now together and thinks they deserve each other.

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