Bristol lie detector test to check for Infidelity

Nov 1, 2021

Bristol lie detector test to check for Infidelity

How well do you think you know your partner? Do you trust them wholeheartedly to remain faithful throughout your marriage? Or is there any chance you think they may be capable of having an affair? If so you may need to book a Bristol lie detector test.

According to The Infidelity Index, more than 22,000 people living in Bristol are members of a dating site for extramarital affairs. These websites allow married people to sign up and look for other people wishing to have relationships outside of their marriage. Some people claim these affairs help to bring life back to their own marriages and help them to achieve happiness whilst remaining married. However there are also warnings that these affairs can cause damage to relationships. They are not alternatives to working on a marriage. If your spouse may be seeking liaisons behind your back, book a Bristol lie detector test to obtain the truth.

Bristol’s increasing infidelity

The figures reveal that 22,454 people in Bristol are members of a website helping those looking for an affair to do the dirty on their spouse. Some couples may have an agreement that this may be a viable option for their marriage but websites warn that these relationships are not for everyone. In Bristol, a total of 3.8 per cent of the city’s adult population are signed up for extramarital affairs. This is up by 2000 people from the previous year. The Infidelity Index can be seen at

Support for your relationship

If you need help with your relationship, it could be useful to take the Bristol lie detector test. It will be able to dispel any fears you may have of your spouse being unfaithful. Alternatively, your partner may be accusing you of having an affair, and this can equally cause you to suffer stress and anxiety. Loss of trust in any relationship is difficult to restore but the lie detector test can help prove your innocence. 

What happens in the test

The sexual contact test will determine whether or not an individual has cheated. The questions asked during the Bristol lie detector test  will vary depending on the circumstances but broadly include whether there has been any form of intimate contact such as kissing and whether the subject has actually had sexual intercourse with anyone else. 

The lie detector test can help you to find out whether or not your partner has been unfaithful or can equally clear your name if you have been accused of having an extramarital affair. The polygraph (lie detector test) can help dispel false allegations and verify the truth.

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