Book on Hump Day to get a UK Lie Detector Test Discount

Many people, particularly those working in finance, apparently do their best work on Hump Day. According to research carried by Glenn Pettengil of Grand Valley State University in Michigan decision making is best done on Wednesdays since on this day of the week these skills are at optimum levels.

Recent research has also revealed that we are at our most creative on Wednesday.  Half way through the working week, studies suggest we are fully engaged in our work and energised. It’s a good day for brainstorming on projects and for strategic planning.

Hump Day lie detector test discount

If you are worried about any matter involving suspected dishonesty in your life, Wednesday could be the best day to do something about it.  Your brain is functioning to optimum capacity and decision making skills at peak on Wednesdays.

Do you suspect infidelity? Have you experienced theft within the family or at work and don’t know who is responsible? Is someone making false allegations about you that are ruining your life?

With our Hump Day UK lie detector test discount, for tests booked on a Wednesday, you could take the first step in resolving your issue.  Normally our controlled office tests are £125 more than tests we conduct in your own home.  However, when you book your test on a Wednesday you can choose an office or home test for the same price of £395 including VAT. You don’t have to take the test on a Wednesday to benefit from the discount; you just need to book it on Hump Day (Wednesday).

UK Lie Detector Test

Our polygraph examiners have all tested negative for Covid-19 and all their equipment is sterilised before and after use.  They also possess relevant PPE for themselves and examinees.  Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for more details. Or book a test online via our website on a Wednesday to take advantage of our Hump Day UK lie detector test discount.

Controlled office polygraph examinations booked on any other day of the week cost £495 including VAT. Residential tests are £395 including VAT.