Bolton Polygraph Examiner advises on Historic Child Abuse Case

Jun 26, 2019

Q: Can your Bolton Polygraph Examiner find out if my baby was harmed by family members?

It’s taken me a long time to write to your Bolton Polygraph Examiner and I apologise if this is somewhat long and rambling.  I’m really writing to ask if you can help my wife, Suzanne, come to terms with something that happened to our baby a very long time ago.

Suzanne and I were childhood sweethearts.  We went to college together and later moved into a little house in Bolton which we called home.  Even though times were hard, I managed to get work as a fitter’s mate and Suzanne at a nursing home.

Not long after we moved in we discovered that Suzanne was pregnant.  It wasn’t the best time financially for us but we were nevertheless delighted.  Suzanne gave birth to our beautiful daughter Erin. My mother helped to look after Erin when my wife returned to work 6 months later.

One day I got a call from my brother, Andy.  He and his wife, Morgan, were behind with their rent and were going to be evicted.  Andy asked me if they could move into our house for a while until they got back on their feet.  Although Suzanne and I got on well with them, she was worried that we didn’t have enough space in our little 2 bed home.  However, on balance we didn’t think we could refuse to put them up temporarily.

Cutting a very long story short, we agreed they could move in and actually it worked very well for a while. Suzanne was happy because Morgan wasn’t working and helped out with taking care of Erin.

But things went terribly wrong one morning when Suzanne went to check on Erin and found she wasn’t moving. Her eyes were fixed and she was gasping for air. The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes of the call and the paramedics to her to hospital.  She had a brain scan immediately and it was discovered that Erin had suffered a brain haemorrhage.  As you can imagine we were distraught and asked how this could have happened. The doctor told us they would have more information later.

Later in the day Erin was moved to the Intensive Care Unit.  We stayed with her but noticed that nurses were peering through the windows at us. Some hours late two police officers appeared and took us into a small side room. They told us they believed we had harmed our child. We were arrested and our home was searched.  They removed documents and our laptops.  Andy and Morgan were also arrested.

Between us there followed around 12 hours of interviews at the end of which the police didn’t feel there was sufficient evidence to charge any of us.  One doctor had apparently stated that Erin’s symptoms were those of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”. Another doctor said there were no signs that our baby had been shaken aggressively since there were no bruises or neck injuries. Exhausted and confused we were released.  A few weeks passed and Erin got stronger and stronger, but Suzanne wasn’t happy.  My brother and his wife moved out quite quickly having found their own place.

Although Erin is now a healthy teenager with no problems, Suzanne has torn herself apart wondering what really caused the brain haemorrhage. The doctors never came up with any reason why it happened and none of the usual causes applied. She believes that Andy or Morgan caused it.

Our relationship with them is at rock bottom since Suzanne accused them of harming Erin a few years back. At the time they bother offered to take lie detector tests in Bolton but I told them not to be silly.  The police hadn’t charged them and would have done had there been evidence to do so.

To put my wife’s mind at rest I would now like to arrange those tests but does your Bolton Polygraph Examiner think too much time has passed.  Will it affect the results?

J.G., Bolton

Response from Bolton Polygraph Examiner

 What a terrible experience for all of you. I’m sorry to hear that your wife has still not recovered from it.

In answer to your question, the passage of time will not affect the results.  Your family members were either involved in the incident or not.

Lie detector tests in Bolton

 You can arrange lie detector tests in Bolton for them online if you wish.  As the Bolton Polygraph Examiner for Lie Detector Test UK I am highly experienced in dealing with sensitive family issues such as these.  Your wife will know the truth after the polygraph examinations have been conducted.

If no deception is found, this will help your wife to move on with her life.  It’s always difficult when doctors can’t establish the cause of an episode such as this.  Particularly mothers who have lost babies due to Infantile Sudden Death Syndrome often spend elongated periods of time wondering if they could have done something to prevent the death.  They shouldn’t but they do. Nothing is worse than worrying over something you have no control over.

If you would like to discuss your issue further, call our free helpline – 0800 368 8277. Tell our customer service representative that the Bolton Polygraph Examiner has recommended that you call.

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