Don’t miss our Black Friday Discounts on Lie Detector Tests

Nov 29, 2019

We are offering huge Black Friday discounts on lie detector tests today. There is £100 off a single test administered in one of our nationwide offices or at your home. And a whopping £295 off 2 tests provided they are conducted in your own home.

With Christmas and New Year approaching we’re all looking at ways to enjoy the festive break. There is the office Christmas party, the New Year’s Eve celebrations and family get togethers in between. We want to get that special gift for the one we love and we want to bury the hatchet and start again.

The office Christmas party

Within the festive period there is an abundance of opportunity to over spend, to do things we normally wouldn’t in a drink fuelled state and cheat on our loved ones. Infidelity spikes just before Christmas as we have learned from the tests that are ordered.  There may have been a certain chemistry with an office work colleague throughout the year and normally we wouldn’t act upon it. But given the right atmosphere and the right level of alcohol our inhibitions are lost. We may or may not end up doing something we tend to regret.

A few weeks later and the rumour mill has started. You end up having to explain you didn’t do anything but your spouse or partner is adamant you did. What can you do to prove you didn’t cheat? A lie detector test could help you show you didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t cheat and you’re still faithful to your partner.  If you’ve cheated before and been forgiven Black Friday discounts on lie detector tests can help you prove your innocence. Book a test today and you’ll be prepared to deal with any false allegations that are made.

New Year, new you

We all know relationships and marriage are hard to work at.  Sometimes a partner makes us feel that we’re not good enough or we aren’t doing enough. Invariably a partner who is gaslighting is doing something they shouldn’t be. Now is the time to start looking at what a fresh start means for you!

A lie detector test could rid you of those fears and unnerving thoughts. What better time to do it than before the New Year sets in. You can be the new you and resolve the issues that are making you feel paranoid. You might find your suspicions of infidelity are unjustified and begin the New Year with a whole new trusting outlook with your partner.

Maybe your loved one is accusing you of cheating. Our Black Friday discounts on lie detector tests can help.  If you book a Couples Test to be carried out in your own home we’ll give you £295 discount.

Black Friday discounts on lie detector tests for other issues

Maybe there’s another trust issue you’d like to resolve before Christmas. Perhaps you have a friend or family member whose life is miserable because of false allegations make about them. Or has something been stolen from you and you think you know who may have done it?

Our fully qualified polygraph examiners are professional, discreet and sympathetic to whatever your issue may be. We have friendly customer service representatives on hand to help with any queries you may have.

Our Black Friday discounts on lie detector test are offered for infidelity, theft in the family and false allegations if booked between 29 November 2019 and 30 November 2019. Polygraph tests can be booked using our secure online booking system or you can call us confidentially and free on 0800 368 8277 to go through your specific details.

We’ll help you enjoy Christmas and start the New Year with total honesty.

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