Q: Can your Belfast Lie Detector Test Service find out what my daughter is doing?

I’m writing to you as I’m very worried about my daughter. She hasn’t got a job at present but now seems to be out all night, every night. She is claiming unemployment benefit but is wearing a lot of very expensive clothing lately.  Her make up is top of the range and I’ve noticed she is never short of money.

It all started when she met a new boyfriend.  He’s well known in the town for being a bit of a womaniser. Someone once told me he was responsible for getting her daughter into drugs and prostitution and I’m worried this may be what my daughter is doing. I have asked her about this and she said there is no way she’d ever degrade herself and that her boyfriend was very generous.

I appreciate this may be the case but it doesn’t explain the large number of condoms I found in her room. People say they have seen her in lap dancing clubs and she just says this is where the two of them go to unwind.  I hope this is all innocent and that I’m wrong but if she is involved in drug dealing or prostitution, e I need to know so I can help her. I’m sure all the money and gifts are lovely for her but I’m afraid she’d going to get herself in a dangerous position. Could a lie detector test at least tell me if she is selling herself for money?

M.T., Belfast

Belfast Lie Detector Test Service – Response

As a Belfast polygraph examiner and a mother, I can understand how you feel and why you are suspicious.

The simple answer is “yes”.  We can find out what your daughter is doing by constructing carefully worded questions.  However, getting her voluntarily to our Belfast Lie Detector Test Service may not be so easy.

Does she seem happy with her life?  Have you noticed any signs of stress or worry?  If not, she may not be ready to take a test that could put an end to her luxurious lifestyle. If she is showing any anxiety then she may welcome an opportunity to unburden herself to a stranger, rather than someone close to her.  Polygraph examiners are usually people you meet only once in your lifetime.  We are also non-judgemental and completely impartial.  Most people find it extremely easy to talk to us.

If you’d like to call us on our Free Helpline on 07572 748364 we can give you some advice as to how you might persuade her.

If you manage to get her to us, we can help.  Good luck.

Source: Lie Detector Test Ireland