When our clients ordered a Bedford lie detector test they hoped it would not confirm their suspicions. Unfortunately it did.

Bob and Pippa’s Case

Pippa was pleased her parents liked Joseph. It was the first boyfriend she’d brought home and everyone had hit it off. They’d been together for a year and things were starting to become serious between them. Pippa hoped he’d ask her to marry him and if he did she was going to say “yes”. They’d met on a dating site and their first date had been amazing. It felt like they’d known each other for years.

Lunch with Mum

When Joseph announced he was going out with Jackie, her Mum, for lunch Pippa thought it may be to discuss getting engaged. Her birthday was coming up and she thought he’d ask her then. The lunches became more frequent and as her birthday approached she could hardly contain her excitement. At dinner, Joseph produced a box and when she opened it she was unhappy to see it was just a pair of earrings. They looked expensive and she was grateful but it wasn’t what she had been expecting and she couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Concerned father

Joseph seemed upset she didn’t like her gift and spoke to her father, Bob, about it. Bob explained what he thought Pippa was expecting and Joseph said he wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. Bob discussed his conversation with Pippa and she understood. She just didn’t understand all the lunches her mother had been having with Joseph.

The lunches continued and both Pippa and her father became suspicious. Pippa asked Joseph why he was taking her mother to lunch so much. He said he was just getting to know her family. Why wasn’t he playing golf with her dad in that case she wondered?

Forbidden fruit

Pippa began to get worried something was going on between her boyfriend and her mother. She aired her views to her father and although he initially laughed, she could see he was concerned too. The situation came to a head when Bob asked Joseph outright if he was having an affair with his wife.  The reaction was vehement denial with Joseph accusing Bob of having a very sick mind.

Joseph called Pippa and told her their relationship was over. He said he thought the whole family was paranoid and he couldn’t take the allegations. Jackie seemed devastated that her husband thought she would do such a thing after 25 years of marriage.

Bedford lie detector test

Bob contacted us for a Bedford lie detector test. He’d told Jackie he was going to do it and she said she had no problem going. Pippa tried to tell Joseph what was going on but he wouldn’t answer her calls or texts.

The polygraph test went ahead and the results confirmed Jackie had been having an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend. The worst thing was that the test also revealed it was still going on. Bob told Jackie to end it. What was she thinking sleeping with someone young enough to be her son? They were both too old to let this end their marriage.

Pippa has never forgiven her mother and won’t bring anyone back home to meet the family again. The Bedford lie detector test proved that the one person Pippa thought she could trust in the whole world, was yet another disappointment for her.