We have changed certain details of this sorry tale to protect the identity of our client. Belinda contacted us to suggest that the RSPCA could have saved money by using our Aylesbury lie detector test service for animal abuse. She reported a neglected horse to the animal welfare charity in her area. It resulted in a costly court case.

Belinda had walked past the same horse for over 6 months and she’d been worried from the first time she saw it. The mare, which looked like a thoroughbred appeared to be getting worse.


It had been a hot summer this year and the grass she was on was brown. It was more mud than anything she could eat. The field she was in was a mess, there was no food visible and the water in the trough was dirty. There wasn’t nearly enough there to hydrate a plant, never mind a horse.

Call for help

Belinda tried to get in touch with the owners on numerous occasions but she just couldn’t seem to get an answer. Perhaps there was a reason the horse was in this condition. Maybe she didn’t live in this particular field all of the time.

After the fifth time, trying to get an answer from the dishevelled house adjacent to the field she called the RSPCA. She felt bad about doing this without first speaking to the owners but she’d tried and enough was enough. She’d read so many horrible stories of animal neglect and abuse and she couldn’t allow this to continue. The owners denied any wrongdoing. An Aylesbury lie detector test at this initial point of contact would have saved a lot of time and money.

Dishonest owners

The owners confirmed to the RSPCA, they’d only had the horse a couple of months and she’d been in that state when she arrived. They’d been nursing her back to health for all this time. They couldn’t explain the state of the field or show where the food was kept.

Cost comparison – Court Costs v Aylesbury lie detector test

If the RSPCA used polygraph test services for animal abuse the process would be shorter and infinitely less costly to the charity.

The above case resulted in the owners being banned from keeping animals for 6 years. The court costs were picked up by the charity and all those who donate to it. Thousands of pounds spent that could have been better utilised for the welfare of animals.

The problem for the RSPCA is that they can’t watch everyone, every day. Who knows if these animal abusers move and keep more animals in the future?  Periodic lie detector tests could be imposed as part of the sentence. Sex offenders are subject to them when released on licence and the same should apply to animal abusers. The RSPCA would be able find out who was keeping to the ban and who wasn’t.

In this case an Aylesbury lie detector test would have cost 15 times less than the court case. Polygraph services are available through Lie Detector Test UK nationwide.

We invite the RSPCA to contact us to discuss options and how we could help.