Ask for ANI Initiative hopes to reduce UK Domestic Abuse

Fearing an increase in UK domestic violence, due to severe Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the Government has launched an initiative in cooperation with over 2,500 pharmacies. Ask for ANI is intended to reduce UK domestic abuse.

During the 2020 lockdowns, police in England and Wales handled over250,000 cases involving domestic abuse complaints.  Similar problems have been reported all over the world.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, said that the Government was taking action to protect those whose homes were not safe places. Despite strict lockdown rules anyone experiencing a dangerous situation at home, can leave their home.

Ask for ANI (Annie) code

The ANI (Action Needed Immediately) initiative allows victims of domestic abuse to ask the chemist to speak to ‘Annie’.  They will then be taken to a private area within the pharmacy. Trained staff will be able to determine whether the victim requires the police or other services for assistance. A phone will also be available.

Currently there are 2,300 Boots pharmacies participating and 255 independently owned chemists.

Nicole Jacobs, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales, welcomed the scheme stating ““It can be extremely difficult to seek help when you are with a perpetrator almost 24 hours a day – as many victims are under the current lockdown.”  She also encouraged everyone to watch out for signs of abuse.

ANI is a discreet way for victims to seek help even if they are out shopping with their abuser.

UK domestic abuse lie detector tests    

As polygraph examiners dealing with domestic abuse cases on an almost daily basis we also welcome this initiative. We handle hundreds of cases annually where victims feel they are either not believed or won’t be if they draw attention to their demise.  Mainly victims are female but there is a growing problem for males too.

A common belief is that the victim for some reason believes they are responsible or deserves to be abused. This comes about due to sustained physical, emotional or psychological abuse, with the abuser telling them it’s their fault.  There is no excuse ever for domestic abuse and it is never normal.

From our own records, London seems to be a hot spot currently. Our London polygraph examiners have been kept exceptionally busy helping victims move forward with their lives. Polygraph results can help prove to friends and family that the abusive partner, who presents such an amiable disposition to them, is a monster behind closed doors.

To ask for ANI (Annie) in the pharmacy is one step forward; a lie detector test is another.

Free Helpline

For more information please contact our free helpline on 07572 748364. Be assured that your call will be kept entirely confidential.

Our highly trained, specialist polygraph examiners are accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association). You will find them sensitive and sympathetic to your situation.