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disprove false allegations, Newbury polygraph examiner, lie detector test, virginity
Case Study | Newbury Polygraph Examiner helps Daughter disprove False Allegations
fake references, Liverpool lie detector test, periodic polygraph tests, lying on your CV
Case Study | Shocking Fake References Industry exposed by Liverpool Lie Detector Test
homophobic parents, Newcastle lie detector test, historical sexual abuse, false allegations
Case Study | Homophobic Parents shamed by Results of Newcastle Lie Detector Test
cheating girlfriend behaviour, Manchester lie detector test, infidelity
Case Study | Cheating Girlfriend Behaviour leads to Manchester Lie Detector Test
Worcester polygraph examiner, bullying, lie detector test
Advice from Worcester Polygraph Examiner on Bullying Teenager
Bristol polygraph examiner, radicalisation, Islamic extremism, lie detector tests, terrorism
Bristol Polygraph Examiner addresses Potential Radicalisation Problem
Stop reality TV Shows, Caroline Flack, lie detector test, mental health
Death of Caroline Flack – Should Production Companies stop Reality TV Shows?
emotional domestic abuse, Bradford polygraph examiner, lie detector test
Advice from Bradford Polygraph Examiner about Emotional Domestic Abuse
Cambridge lie detector test, infidelity, couples test
Case Study | Cambridge Lie Detector Test Results prove Gay Couple’s Commitment
West London lie detector test, false allegations, child abuse
Case Study | West London Lie Detector Test disproves False Allegations about Child Abuse
lie detector test in Ayr, infidelity, relationship counselling, cheating
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Ayr exposes Infidelity
DNA infidelity tests, infidelity lie detector tests
DNA Infidelity Tests could Land you in Prison for up to 3 years
South London Polygraph Examiner, lie detector test for infidelity
South London Polygraph Examiner answers Valentine’s Day Query
Lie detector test in Stafford, infidelity lie detector test, West Midlands Polygraph Service
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Stafford exposed Budding MP’s Infidelity
lie detector test in Middlesbrough, North East polygraph services, false allegations
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Middlesbrough restores Faith in Local Vicar
Basildon polygraph examiner, lie detector test, theft, missing stock
Basildon Polygraph Examiner advice about Missing Stock
Ipswich lie detector tests, pin numbers and passwords, theft
Case Study | Ipswich Lie Detector Tests expose Dishonest Siblings
Coventry lie detector test, Valentine's Day, West Midlands Polygraph Service, online scams
Case Study | Coventry Lie Detector Test exposes Online Gigolo
Torquay lie detector test, drug habit, drug abuse
Case Study | Torquay Lie Detector Test confirms Rehabilitation Failure
terrorism in london, lie detector tests for terrorists, Sudesh Amman
More Terrorism in London from an Offender known to Police
Lie detector test in Wolverhampton, West Midlands polygraph services, infidelity lie detector test, infidelity in the armed forces
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Wolverhampton exposes Cheating WRAF Wife
January 2020 Polygraph News, lie detector test, lie detector test news
January 2020 Polygraph News Roundup
Newport Polygraph Examiner, infidelity, lie detector test, suspected infidelity
Advice from Newport Polygraph Examiner about Suspected Infidelity
Oldham polygraph examiner, Oldham lie detector test, violent children
Advice from Oldham Polygraph Examiner about Violent Son
lie detector test in Aylesbury, gambling addiction
Case Study | Gambling Addiction exposed by Lie Detector Test in Aylesbury
lie detector test in Glasgow, polygraph results
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Glasgow teaches Mum a lesson
Lie Detector test for Sex Offenders, Investigative Value of the Polygraph
Lie Detector test for Sex Offenders proves Investigative Value of the Polygraph
pay for a lie detector test, finance for lie detector test, buy now pay later
What to do if Budget doesn’t allow you to pay for a Lie Detector Test immediately
Liverpool polygraph examiner, heroin drug addiction, drug addiction rehab, lie detector test
Case Study | Liverpool Polygraph Examiner identifies Drug Addiction Relapse
norfolk polygraph examiner, theft, fundraising
Norfolk Polygraph Examiner advises on Suspected Theft of Funds
lie detector tests for terrorist offenders, risk assessment, terrorism
Ministry of Justice Proposes Lie Detector Tests for Terrorist Offenders
Lie detector test in Portsmouth, infidelity, illegal immigrants
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Portsmouth shows why Truck Driver’s Routine changed
Big Ben Chiming, Brexit Day
The Big Lie about Big Ben Chiming on Brexit Day
Lie detector test in Wrexham, dishonesty, polygraph test, dishonest family friend
Case Study | Dishonest Family Friend exposed by Lie Detector Test in Wrexham
Bedford lie detector test, infidelity, cheating
Case Study | Bedford Lie Detector Test reveals the Worst Type of Betrayal
Preston lie detector test, terrorism, Islamic terrorism, radicalisation
Case Study | Preston Lie Detector Test saves Boy from Terrorism
Croydon lie detector test, polygraph tests, bullying
Polygraph Examiner’s advice on Croydon Lie Detector Test for Bullying
North London lie detector test, stalking, polygraph test
Case Study | Stalker identified by North London Lie Detector Test
South West Lie Detector Tests, South West Polygraph Examiner
Availability of South West Lie Detector Tests for Armed Forces Personnel
Qasem Soleimani, assassination, terrorism, Iran state sponsored terrorism
What is the Truth about General Qasem Soleimani?
York lie detector test, sexual abuse, child sex abuse
Case Study | York Lie Detector Test reveals Schoolgirl’s Sexual Abuse
Helen McCourt, mandatory lie detector tests, periodic lie detector tests, parole board, prisoner released on licence
Impose Mandatory Lie Detector Tests on the Helen McCourt Murderer
Ipswich Polygraph Examiner, infidelity, infidelity lie detector test
Ipswich Polygraph Examiner advises on Suspected Infidelity
East London Polygraph Examiner, East London lie detector test, drug dealing
East London Polygraph Examiner advises on Suspected Drug Dealing

Will a Lie Detector Test for Cheating improve your Health?

A recent study that featured in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships  suggests the impact on mental and physical health is more serious than we might have imagined. So will a Lie Detector Test for Cheating alleviate much of the cause? 

lie detector test for cheating, infidelity

Twitter poll on Trust in Politicians Yields Interesting Results

Various polls in the past couple of years conducted by  Ipsos MORI and others  have shown that public trust in politicians is at an all-time low.  We decided to conduct our own poll on Twitter and have been astonished by the participation.  In just 3 days our poll...

trust in politicians, twitter poll, lie detector tests

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Follow us on Twitter to engage with our network of examiners and leading world polygraph groups

Join our community of followers and get regular updates on Facebook