York Lie Detector Test reveals Schoolgirl’s Sexual Abuse

Behavioural problems in teenagers are common but sometimes a mother’s intuition tells her something is wrong. Our client chose a York lie detector test to help her daughter.

Linda’s Case

Linda had been worried about her daughter for a while now. Vanessa always did very well at school but since she’d started mathematics club after school she’d become withdrawn.  When she was 14 her teacher, George, said she needed some extra tuition but at 16 she was still in the club. The once bubbly and jovial girl was now quiet and detached. Linda wondered if it was the joys of puberty but when she asked Vanessa about it she said she was just struggling with some of the work given to her by George.

A word with the teacher

Linda decided to speak to George. Vanessa’s grades had been great for the first year but after that, they had dipped. This was the only reason she’d kept her in the club in the first place. George explained she’d been distracted in school and wondered if a boy was involved. In fact, she’d spoken to him about a new boyfriend. Vanessa didn’t seem the type but this did put her mother slightly at ease. Linda wondered if it was time to take her daughter to the doctor for some birth control, just in case.

Concerned doctor

Vanessa had complained about feeling uncomfortable “down there” as she put it and this was Linda’s ideal opportunity to discuss birth control. Vanessa protested that she didn’t have a boyfriend so there was no need.  Nevertheless Linda scheduled an appointment with their family G.P.  Dr. Ford had seen Vanessa since she was born, and he was very good at putting people at ease. He decided it best to give her an examination and in doing so found she wasn’t a virgin. The G.P. was also concerned that she appeared to have some internal bruising.  He discussed this with Vanessa and she confirmed she had a boyfriend.  Something seemed off to her mother especially since Vanessa had lied to her.  She was embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about who it was or when she had started having sex.

Back home

The doctor’s appointment seemed to remove Vanessa from herself entirely. Given that George had been so calm about the situation, Linda couldn’t understand why she would speak to her teacher about something so intimate.

Linda decided to contact us for a York lie detector test after speaking to one of her close friends over coffee. We confirmed that we would administer the test with parental consent. Linda knew it could cause more arguments with her daughter but she needed to know all was well.

York lie detector test

Surprisingly Vanessa agreed to take the polygraph test without a protest.  She thought that perhaps her daughter had been raped given the internal bruising.  However, the test results were worse than she could ever have imagined.

George had been abusing her for some time. Her grades had been good but George’s report card had ensured that Linda continued sending her to him for extra tuition. Armed with the results of the York lie detector test she took Vanessa to the police station. Ultimately George was charged and more children came forward following the publicity. He is now safely behind bars.

Although the polygraph results weren’t used in court, they inspired a full investigation into Vanessa’s allegations.

Vanessa hadn’t objected to taking the test because she needed to tell someone. She felt too ashamed and embarrassed to tell her parents.  In the pre-test interview she told our polygraph examiner that it was easier for her if someone else told her Mum.  The lie detector test report would achieve that.

Names and locations have been changed in this case study to protect the identities of our client and her daughter.