Wrexham polygraph proves employee guilty of theft

Feb 2, 2022

Wrexham polygraph proves employee guilty of theft

A Wrexham polygraph test recently proved an employee guilty of theft. The test was booked by our client Josephine. Josephine suspected her employee Mildred guilty of theft. Here is Josephine’s case and how Lie Detector Test UK helped her get to the bottom of the lies affecting her business.

The case

Josephine started her own floristry business when she was just 22-years-old. Having dropped out of university she decided to apply for a young business loan and follow her passion of floristry. Fast forward five years later and Josephine is now the proud business owner of a local Wrexham flower studio and shop. Later last year Josephine hired Mildred to help her run her shop whilst Josephine gave studio classes in flower arranging.

Suspicious behaviour

Mildred hit the ground running and was a fabulous help to a very busy Josephine. Josephine says how well Mildred got on with her customers and immediately fitted into the business. One evening when Josephine stayed late to look over her bookkeeping, she noticed that multiple receipts for petty cash had been put through the shop till. She couldn’t remember making the purchases but assumed that Mildred had made them so popped them down on her accounts.

Something isn’t right

The next few weeks Josephine started to notice that the till kept being unbalanced. Weirdly, it was only happening on the days that Mildred worked. She assumed that maybe Mildred was doing something wrong, so decided to shadow her the next day. After watching Mildred and helping her in the shop, Josephine realised that Mildred wasn’t doing anything wrong and the till balanced just fine that evening upon closing the shop.

Time for a lie detector test

Unsure if Mildred had been stealing small amounts of cash from the till through false receipts and from stealing, Josephine decided to confide in her boyfriend Sam. Sam suggested that she asked Mildred to take a lie detector test. Sam told Josephine that his Aunty had an issue with a member of staff and that she had turned to Lie Detector Test UK for help in clearing up the issue. The next morning Josephine rang our Wrexham office and booked a test for the end of the week.

The test

Josephine asked Mildred if she would take the test. Mildred agreed without hesitation and apologised that Josephine felt she couldn’t trust her. Josephine felt guilty for suspecting Mildred but also felt that something wasn’t right so proceeded with the test. Mildred took her test a few days later and the results showed she was lying. In fact, Mildred confessed how she had been caught stealing previously but that the employer hadn’t pressed charges due to Mildred returning the goods she had stolen. Mildred explained to Josephine that she had a gambling addiction and was addicted to scratch cards.

The outcome

Josephine had assumed receipts from the post office next door were for milk. But actually they were for scratch cards Mildred had bought. Mildred said she would pay back the money owed and begged Josephine not to press charges if she sook professional help. Josephine agreed and dismissed Mildred from her employment. She says that a part time role delivering the flowers is there for her once she has got professional help, she won’t be trusted handling money again but Josephine valued her help with her business.

If you suspect someone or an employee guilty of stealing then book your lie detector test online today. You can also call our free helpline on 0800 861 1058 to book, or to discuss further.









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