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Mar 14, 2020

Wrexham Polygraph Examiner advises on Suspected Dishonest Carers

A worried neighbour wrote to us recently with suspicions that the elderly man next door had dishonest carers.  Our Wrexham Polygraph Examiner responded.

Q: Do you think a Care Agency would put their personnel through lie detector tests

I’m genuinely worried about my neighbour, Irwin. He’s approximately 91 and has carers coming into see him three times a day. His wife died some years ago and he’s unable to look after himself. Although we’re not related he is a war veteran and a lovely guy. We often go and visit him to hear his old stories and keep him company.

The other day, Irwin asked us if we could lend him some money. He explained he needed to pay a bill and although he thought he had enough money we checked his account and he didn’t.  It’s sweet he trusts us to check his personal finances and we value his company. Irwin only has one son, who he rarely sees. To us the old chap feels like part of the family, so if things don’t look right then it makes us worry.

I contacted the Care Agency and voiced my concern. They called back minutes later and stated they’d spoken to the carers who visit Irwin. They apparently knew nothing about his bills but it’s their job to ensure they’re paid. I’ve asked them to check again but they say they can’t speak to me and can only speak to his son about specifics.

His son has contacted them and asked them to perform a lie detector test on the carers which they said they can’t do as it isn’t in their budget. We’ve offered to pay for it and I was wondering how we’d go about booking one and if there is a way we could persuade the carers to take it.

Would it need to be in their contract or could the management ask them to take one anyway?

D. R., Wrexham

Response from Wrexham Polygraph Examiner

This is a difficult one.  Unless the Care Agency has a lie detector test clause in its employment contracts, it can’t force carers to take them.  They would have to get the written consent of the carers before lie detector tests could be administered.  Naturally, if they do have the clause then it is possible.

However, if the carers are stealing money it’s highly unlikely that they would agree to polygraph examinations. If you would like to send us the Care Agency’s name we can find out if they use lie detector tests for screening their staff.

One observation is that there seems to be some incompetence if the agency didn’t know about outstanding bills.  Perhaps it is time for Irwin’s son to look for another agency.

It’s quite disturbing to hear about dishonesty when it comes to the care of the elderly and we are willing to assist in any way we can.  If you’d like to discuss the issue further please call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Mention that the Wrexham Polygraph Examiner has asked you to call and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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