Wrexham lie detector used for infidelity

A Wrexham lie detector was recently requested by Cam who suspected his partner Shaun guilty of cheating. Cam had always been happy at how well Shaun had got along with his family. However, when Cam found Shaun in an embrace with his cousin Sam, he was suspicious that the pair were secretly sleeping together.

The beginning

Cam met Shaun when he was a holiday rep one summer in Ibiza. The pair immediately hit it off and by the time Shaun went home they had already planned a fourth date. Fast forward two years later and the pair decided to get married. The opted for a civil ceremony, and Cam couldn’t wait to party with his close friends and family. Cam was always grateful for the fact that Shaun got along so well with his family, including his slightly younger cousin Sam.

The calls

Suspicion arose around Sam and Shaun’s friendship when Cam started to see that Sam would constantly ring Shaun. Shaun rarely answered the calls and if he did, he would go to another room. When Cam asked Shaun why Sam rang him so much, he simply replied “I think I’m the only person he feels comfortable talking to, like n older brother”. Sam was an only child, so this reasoning made sense to Cam.

The lies continue

Although Cam understood Shaun felt he was guiding Sam, he couldn’t help but wonder why he was also seeing him a lot. Shaun had made no excuses that he was going to see Sam. Since lockdown was eased, Shaun was with Sam at least twice a week. Again, Cam confronted Shun and asked why he wanted to spend so much time with Sam. Shaun explained that Sam had been lonely in lockdown and was suffering with his mental health.

Time for a lie detector test

A few weeks later, Cam was cleaning the couples flat when he found a letter shoved under the bed. The letter was in Sam’s handwriting, Cam recognised it immediately after receiving birthday and Christmas cards over the years. The letter simply read “It’s you, it’s always been you. You have my heart and my soul. I am all yours”.


Cam confronted Shaun with the letter that evening, and Shaun said he had been meaning to tell Cam about it. He said he hadn’t told Cam because he didn’t want him to worry even more. Shaun explained Sam had given him the letter and that Shaun had told him the feeling wasn’t reciprocated, and that he should stop. Cam didn’t know what to think and asked Shaun to take a lie detector test to help settle his mind. Shaun agreed and the pair booked a test later that week at our Wrexham office.

The Results

The results showed Shaun was telling the truth. Nothing had happened or been planned with Sam and he hadn’t cheated on him. Cam immediately apologised to Shaun and thanked him deeply for being so supportive and caring towards Sam. He thanked our office for being so professional and for helping squish his worries and concerns. The couple are stronger and happier than ever thanks to our team and finding out the truth they both deserved.

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