Wrexham Lie Detector Test exposes Devious Brother

We are publishing a Wrexham lie detector test case that we dealt with last Christmas. Hopefully it will make devious family members think twice before doing things they may regret.

Sharon and Jimmy’s Case

Sharon had saved up for Christmas, she wanted to buy her husband Jimmy the perfect gift. Since they’d met he’d always wanted a TAG designer watch. The one he liked cost just under £5000 and with her bonus from work she could just about afford it. They never went over the top with presents and this was an extravagance but he’d had a hard year, his mother had passed away and she thought he needed something to cheer himself up.

The best present ever

Sharon bought the watch from a well-known jeweller. She needed to know it was genuine and they provided a 5 year additional cover for it. She knew a watch of that calibre wouldn’t break but she wanted to be on the safe side. Opening the gift on Christmas morning, Jimmy chastised her for spending so much but it was clear he was over the moon with it. He wore it with pride to dinner at his father’s later that day and it was clear his brother John was jealous. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off it and was mumbling under his breath the whole time about it being worth more than his car.

Fake watch

There should have been no problems with the accuracy of the watch.  It cost a small fortune but after a week celebrating Christmas at his father’s, Jimmy found the watch had stopped.  Since it was under warranty, Sharon took it back to the shop she’d bought it from.  The shop owner took one look at it and told her it was not the same watch he’d sold to her. In fact it was a fake.

Sharon accused the shop of selling her the fake but the documentation they had given her didn’t match the watch she had brought in. They suggested that someone had switched the watch with the fake during the time she’d had it.

 Wrexham lie detector test

The only people who had access to the watch were her, John (Jimmy’s brother) and her father in law. She knew her father in law wouldn’t have taken it and thought back to all the snide comments made by John. After discussing it with Jimmy, they contacted us for a Wrexham lie detector test. They knew if the watch had been swapped by John he wouldn’t admit to it. However, they knew he’d take it as telling his father would break his heart, so soon after the death of his wife.

John agreed to go take the polygraph test protesting his innocence. Our Wrexham polygraph examiner went through the questions with him during the pre-test interview. These questions had been formulated from the information supplied by Sharon and Jimmy. John answered them confidently.

It later transpired that he’d reasoned that if he was clever enough to swap the watch without his brother realising it, then he could easily fool the polygraph examiner.  John had researched how to beat lie detector tests on the internet and tried out some of the tricks he had learned. Unfortunately for him our examiner is highly experienced and none of them worked.

Results and consequences

The polygraph results were sent to Jimmy and Sharon a few hours later and proved John had taken the watch. He’d bought a copy the day after spotting it on Jimmy’s wrist. He’d sold it but hadn’t yet spent all the money. The problem was he’d sold it for half its value and didn’t have the other half to get the watch back. The Wrexham lie detector test also revealed John was gambling and this was what he’d wanted the money for.

Jimmy and John no longer speak. Their father replaced the watch with some of John’s inheritance money. Jimmy now wears his genuine TAG watch all the time and the only time he ever takes it off is in the security of his own home.