World Health Day Lie Detector Test Discounts

The theme of this year’s World Health Day is “Building a fairer, healthier world”. Commendable though the World Health Organisation’s plans are to build a fair, healthier world, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have left most people concerned about matters closer to home.

Practicality dictates that we put our own countries in order before taking on anyone else’s.  If we don’t none of us will be in a position to tackle world problems.

At Lie Detector Test UK, our polygraph examiners have seen more people concerned about their mental and physical health since the pandemic began, than at any other time in our company’s history.

Domestic abuse

For victims of domestic abuse, locked down with their abusers, life has been more intolerable than usual. We have had cases where women have left home during lockdown, gone to a friend or family member’s home only to find that they are not believed. This is especially true of women who don’t have physical damage. Psychological abuse leaves no visible marks.

Not being believed by those close to them, leads to a lack of confidence in police believing them if they report it.

The stress of no social contact with some women who have support networks has been utterly unbearable.  And for those who have children, they’ve walked around on eggshells to prevent their kids witnessing physical violence.

Our West Midlands polygraph examiners have been particularly busy during the pandemic. Domestic abuse lie detector tests help in three ways.

  • Close friends and family members who don’t believe your charming partner is abusing you, will likely change their minds on sight of your polygraph results.
  • Your confidence in reporting the matter will be boosted
  • The police who use polygraph tests to monitor domestic abusers will take your complaint very seriously.

In the West Midlands alone last year almost 3,000 arrests were made connected to domestic abuse.

False allegations

It’s true that “busy mouths grow on idle heads”.  Our East Midlands polygraph examiners and many nationwide, have dealt with more false allegation cases in the past year.  They have ranged from false allegations about breaking lockdown rules to paedophilia and child neglect.

The “twitching curtain brigade” has increased in number since the start of the pandemic.  Some people, with nothing to do ease their boredom, create fantasies in their heads to cause trouble for their neighbours.

False allegations not only cause stress but can destroy reputations and lives. No one needs additional stress like this when they are already worried about losing their businesses or jobs. It really is unforgivable.

Lie detector test results help to restore reputations and repair relationships.


Requests for Infidelity lie detector tests have gone through the roof since the first lockdown. Cases have been particularly high in London and the Home Counties.

With time on their hands couples have decided to address doubts about infidelity that arose prior to or after lockdown. When everyone was busy at work and having a great social life, suspicions of infidelity were often shelved at the back of the mind.  For some, they couldn’t find the right moment to address it.  For others, they felt they might be paranoid.  However, in lockdown conversations and accusations have flown.

In many cases couples have set about repairing their relationships after lie detector test results showing deception. Trust has been restored after polygraph results have revealed no deception.  In a few other cases, couples have separated in order to move forward with their lives.

Lie Detector Test Discounts for World Health Day

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, perhaps you feel it’s time to resolve outstanding dishonesty issues. Whatever those issues are lie detector tests provide a quick way of getting answers to the questions you want to ask.

For this reason we are offering a £125 discount on all controlled office tests. Usually priced at £495 inclusive of VAT, if you order a test from World Health Day on 7 April to 14 April, it will cost just £395. The test must be taken within one month of booking.  Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for more information.  Alternatively you can book a lie detector test online using our secure reservation system.  Please make sure you quote World Health Day to benefit from the discount.

If dishonesty is affecting your mental health, find the truth this week.