World Freedom Day 2021

Nov 9, 2021

November 9th 2021 marks world freedom day. The World Freedom Day is a federal observance commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall. The day remembers the end of communism in Eastern and Central Europe and originates from 2001 as introduced by President George W. Bush. It focuses on celebrating the reunion of loved ones separated by different beliefs and views. Therefore, the day supports resolving differences and joining in unity to live as a freer and more fair society.

Live a free life

Freedom means many different things to everyone. However, freedom is something that many people take for granted. Above all, people want the freedom to choose any religion they decide (or no religion at all), the freedom to be in a relationship with the person they love, the freedom to travel…the list goes on. World Freedom Day is all about celebrating liberty and enjoying the good things in life. Similarly, freedom day observes the human right to live a life without suffering. Many countries still punish people for their beliefs and idealisms, which consequently results in punishment or jail. World Freedom Day wants to raise awareness against this and, in other words, moves to join the world in unity.

Celebrating World Freedom Day

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Live your happiest life

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