Our lie detector services in Worcester helped Thomas when he came to us suspecting an employee being guilty of stealing from his jewellery store. Here is his story and how he got on with his case and test results.

Why Thomas wanted a lie detector test

Thomas inherited his small jewellery store from his Dad, who had founded and run the small business for over 28 years. He had seen the business grown by his Dad and couldn’t wait to make his mark as the owner. Business went extremely well for Thomas and leading up to Christmas he wanted to employ two new seasonal staff to help with the extra work. He employed Sarah, a recent university graduate, and David who was a previous sales advisor. Both new employees had impressive CVs and Thomas was excited to have them as part of the team. But what happened that lead Thomas to needing a lie detector test?


Thomas had an experienced Saturday member of staff, Janice. Janice had been with the business for eight years so he decided to have Sarah work with her. Suspicion arose for Thomas when Janice decided to call in one Monday about a month after Sarah had started working there. Janice asked if she could have a quiet word with Thomas. Janice told Thomas how she was unsure but it seemed the till was lower than the sales she had calculated. She said she had seen Sarah selling multiple items, but couldn’t find them in the till. Janice suggested Thomas shadow Sarah one shift to make sure she was putting items through correctly.

Staff Training

Thomas thanked Janice for coming to him with her concerns. He asked Janice to swap her shift that week so he could come in to work with Sarah on the Saturday. The Saturday arrived and Sarah seemed shocked that Thomas was working with her. Thomas explained Janice needed to swap shifts that week and he wanted to see how she was getting on.

Sarah showed Thomas how she had been recording her sales, to which Thomas could see there were no issues. Thomas thanked Sarah and said he was going off to do admin, so to shout if she needed him. It was at this point that Thomas started to research lie detector tests and wondered if he needed to book one.

Time for a lie detector test

Thomas went to the back office, only to search through the padlocked stock. Everything was accounted for apart from smaller pieces such as stud earrings and some fashion jewellery items. Thomas confronted Sarah and asked if she knew where the missing stock was. Sarah immediately accused Thomas of saying she was guilty and became angry.

Not wanting to upset staff Thomas went away to think about how to resolve the issue. After researching online Thomas came across lie detector services in Worcester. Thomas told all staff he wanted them to take the test, to which everyone agreed.

The Outcome

Before sitting her lie detector test, Sarah broke down in tears and admitted that she had been taking the small items herself. She explained how friends had come into the shop pretending to “buy” the stock and then leaving without paying for it. Sarah would later sell the stock herself on her Ebay account. Thomas entered into the examination room and agreed to settle the case directly with Sarah if she showed him her account and paid for all the items she had taken.

Thomas was grateful he had found the lie detector test in Worcester and thanked our team for their professional services, stating that he “Never would have guessed someone so young and trustworthy, could be such a liar and criminal”. It just goes to show, if something isn’t right – follow your gut instinct and get in touch!