Winchester Lie Detector Test helps Restore Trust in an Alcoholic Husband

Dec 13, 2019

Our client’s wife booked a Winchester lie detector test for him last year, just before Christmas. This year he has taken another one but on this occasion he booked it himself.

Charlotte and Ian’s Case

For as long as Ian could remember he’d always drunk a lot of alcohol. That was until last Christmas when his wife Charlotte had booked him into rehab. He’d missed Christmas with the family as she thought it best he stay at the residential clinic over the festive period.

Originally, Ian didn’t think he had a problem. He just drank to relax but when Charlotte found out he couldn’t face going to work without a shot of vodka, she contacted us and booked a Winchester lie detector test.

The results confirmed her worst fears and she’d quickly packed him off to rehab. The test indicated he had a drinking problem and she knew if she didn’t do something about it quickly then it could destroy their family and marriage.

Once bitten twice shy

Charlotte had been on his case ever since he’d come out of rehab. She never let him out of her sight and he was beginning to feel smothered. Ian wasn’t allowed to go to any function without her. She interrogated him when he returned from work, even if he was just a few minutes late.

Ian wanted this Christmas to be different; he wanted to go out with his friends. He needed to prove to Charlotte, once and for all, that he was on the wagon and had no intention of drinking ever again.  She needed to know he hadn’t touched a drop in the last year, just so she would relax the tight leash she had him on these days.

Charlotte knew she was being over protective and that it was damaging their marriage but she just didn’t trust him enough to let go.

Wrexham lie detector test

Last Saturday Ian went home and announced he’d taken another polygraph test and the results were in her email.

The test proved that Ian had stayed true to his word. He hadn’t consumed any alcohol since leaving rehab. Ian also didn’t want to drink anymore; he loved his wife and needed her to know how important their relationship and family was to him.

The perfect gift

For Charlotte the Wrexham lie detector test report was the perfect gift, unlike the one she’d received last year. She is now prepared to allow him to go out with his friends occasionally. He knows he will have to work hard to win back her trust but she is much happier now.

For Lie Detector Test UK the bulk of polygraph tests that we administer near to Christmas relate to infidelity, addiction in all its forms and theft within the family.  If you are in a situation where mistrust is damaging your relationship, contact us on our free helpline (0800 368 8277). Clear the air before the festive break, so that you can relax and enjoy it.

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