Will a Soho Lie Detector Test discover if my girlfriend voted for Brexit?

Nov 5, 2020

Will a Soho Lie Detector Test discover if my girlfriend voted for Brexit?

It is quite astonishing that 4 years after the EU referendum we still get queries about Brexit. This enquiry about a Soho lie detector test was handled by one of our London polygraph examiners.


My girlfriend and I live in Soho. We are both highly successful in our careers and pretty well off financially. Our friends are similarly successful. We have been lucky with all this lockdown business, in that we can both work from home and are not reliant on furlough payments or other benefits.

All our friends are socialists as are we, or at least I thought we were.  However, having spent so much time together this year at home, my girlfriend is beginning to worry me.

Naturally being well educated everyone we know voted to Remain in the EU referendum.  Most of us voted for Jeremy Corbyn in the last election except for a few who voted Green. And of course, we did our bit clapping for the NHS when this awful pandemic began.

However, I’ve noticed that my girlfriend has started to criticise the EU lately. Not only that, she defended Dominic Cummings when he broke the rules going to Barnard Castle. I mean really? And she seems to support the insane notion that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t know who she is any more. She keeps telling me that she voted Remain and is still on board with that. She has also assured me that she voted Labour in the general election. As far as defending Cummings is concerned she waffles on about how people who are worried sometimes do irrational things but I’m not having any of it.  It’s causing huge rows between us.

What I want to know is, can you give her a lie detector test in Soho at our home because I want to get to the bottom of this nonsense? I have no idea how I would get over the embarrassment of our friends finding out if she has been disloyal to the cause. But I must know since our relationship will be over if she has lied to me.

R. W., Soho

Response from London polygraph examiner

In answer to your question, we can conduct a Soho lie detector test in your home but your girlfriend must voluntarily agree to take it.

However, are you really sure you want to do this?  Many couples who ordinarily don’t spend 24/7 together are experiencing problems during these lockdowns and restrictions.  Without the normal socialising and general activity in their lives they get bored and sometimes irritated with each other.

It is possible that this time has given your girlfriend time to think more carefully about important issues.  It’s conceivable that she has changed her mind about some of them. Perhaps she is telling the truth when she tells you how she voted but maybe she might vote differently in the future.

You come across as being quite condescending and dismissive of any view that doesn’t align with your own. Referring to ‘waffling, insane notions and nonsense’ would very likely put the average person off having a debate with you. Is this how your girlfriend feels? Have you asked her?

I find it disturbing that you say your relationship will be over if she has been “disloyal to the cause”.  Surely relationships must be based on more than political views and causes?  You might want to reevaluate your feelings for her.

In terms of your friends finding out, there is a simple way of avoiding this.  Don’t tell them.

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