Will a Lie Detector Test in Corby prove my Husband is going abroad to cheat on me?

Despite there being very few office parties this year, concerns about infidelity over the festive season are still high. This query about a lie detector test in Corby was handled by our East Midlands polygraph examiner.

Q: Will a Lie Detector Test in Corby prove my Husband is going abroad to cheat on me?

My husband isn’t spending Christmas with me this year because he says he has to travel to Greece on business. I asked him if I could go with him but he said he didn’t want me to be exposed to Covid either on the plane or in Greece. Under ordinary circumstances I might believe he is being considerate. But I bumped into one of our neighbours at the supermarket the other day. We chatted about our Christmas plans (or lack of them in my case. He told me that his eldest daughter had to go to Greece for an interview.  Apparently she had applied for a job a while back and had only just been invited for an interview.  She is going on 21 December and can’t get a return flight until after Christmas.

My husband told me he’s flying on 22 December. The only flight he could get is from Gatwick so he is staying in a hotel near to the airport the night before.

Call me cynical, but I think this is just too much of a coincidence.  My husband is old enough to be my neighbour’s daughter’s father but these things happen don’t they?

Is it possible for you to conduct a lie detector test in Corby before 20 December? If so, will it prove whether he is cheating on me or not? If I find out he is, he can stay in Greece forever with his floosy.

M. N., Corby

Response from East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

We are able to administer a polygraph examination in Corby before 20 December. However, your husband must voluntarily agree to take it.

From what you describe it does sound suspicious, although it could just be a coincidence.  Is there anything else that you’ve noticed in your husband’s behaviour that has changed? For example, is he switching his phone off at home when he didn’t do so before? Is he taking calls and moving out of the room to talk? Have you noticed any odd receipts for hotels, restaurants or expensive gifts in your bank statements? People don’t usually go off abroad together unless they have had some form of prior relationship so it’s worth doing a little investigation.

However, a lie detector test is a fast way of finding out the answers you need. If he is being deceptive it will be detected.

For more advice and information please call 07572 748364 (Free Helpline). Your call will be confidential and our experienced customer care staff discreet.  Mention that you have been encouraged to call in by the East Midlands polygraph examiner.

I wish you the very best of luck in sorting this out before Christmas.