Will a lie detector prove my husband is unfaithful?

Kelly, 42, recently attended our Southampton office with her husband Simon. Kelly wanted her husband to take a lie detector test. She suspected her husband of cheating. Here is Kelly’s story.

How suspicion began

Having been together for over 12 years and happily married for 8, Kelly and Simon lead a fulfilled and busy life in a small village near Southampton. Kelly recalls how she changed her job back in 2019. The new job meant a longer commute but a much higher salary.

Coming home late each day meant Simon was often alone when he finished work. Kelly’s suspicions started when her and Simon were asked to dinner at a friend’s. Kelly didn’t often wear her engagement ring due to being a head chef and it often getting in the way of her cooking and preparing food. When she went into the safe, Kelly couldn’t find her engagement ring anywhere and asked Simon if he knew where it was. Simon shrugged and simply said maybe she had worn it and forgotten to put it back, but Kelly knew she hadn’t.

Why a lie detector? 

Two months went by and Kelly couldn’t find her ring. Taking a sick day off work with an awful cold, she went into their medicine cabinet searching for flu medicine. It was then that she noticed a small cosmetic bag right at the very back of the top shelf. Reaching up, Kelly opened the bag, finding a handful or receipts.

To her shock, Kelly could see the receipts were all from the same pawn brokers in Southampton. The amounts varied, but one was a substantial amount of £1,200.00, reading the description she burst out crying. The amount was for “One 2 carat, platinum diamond ring” She knew this was her engagement ring.

The confrontation

Kelly confronted Simon that evening, and he simply said he had his hours reduced at work and needed the money. He told Kelly he didn’t know how to tell her. Simon said he wanted to buy the ring back before she found out. Kelly was furious he had lied, however, she also felt sorry for Simon. The couple agreed they would save up, and buy items back together. Kelly worked overtime and managed to get her ring back a month later, to her relief.

More lies

Two months later Kelly was left alone for a weekend when Simon said work had offered him a job away for the weekend. Thrilled his work seemed to be busy, Kelly told Simon to take the job and enjoy himself.

A week later, Kelly logged onto their joint account to pay a water bill, and saw a premiere inn booking from the weekend Simon was away. Simon had said he would be in Liverpool, but the booking was for Southampton. Confused, Kelly rang Simon to which Simon replied “They have probably put it through wrong on their systems”. Kelly couldn’t help having a gut feeling that Simon was lying. So, she rang the hotel in Southampton. Kelly questioned the receptionist, who simply replied “Well, you were with him weren’t you?” Kelly, out of shock, agreed and said she had forgotten and got confused. However, it was obvious Simon had been at the hotel with another woman. But who?

Time for the truth

Kelly confronted Simon and said she wanted him to take a lie detector test. Kelly said she knew he had been selling their items to spend money on a mistress. She told Simon she had no faith left in him or their marriage. Simon agreed to take the test and came to our Southampton office with Kelly.

Needless to say Simon failed the lie detector test. It turned out he had a mistress for over 2 years, someone he had met at his work. He admitted after the test that he had taken their items to sell as he couldn’t keep affording hotels and gifts for his girlfriend. Kelly has filed for divorce from Simon. She says although the truth hurts, she is glad she now knows the truth. Kelly now seeks closure from divorce and looks forward to starting her healing process.

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