Wigan polygraph test used for theft case

Nov 30, 2021 | False allegations, Polygraph Examiner, Relationship, Theft

Our Wigan examiners helped Miriam three years ago when she wanted her son Peter to take a polygraph test. Miriam came to us wanting Peter to take a polygraph test after suspecting him from stealing money from her wallet on a regular basis. This time, Miriam returned with her son, wanting him to take the test because she suspected he had stolen from her again.

The history

Miriam came to our Wigan offices just three years ago with son Peter. After taking a polygraph test Peter was found guilty of taking cash amounting to £350 from his mums wallet. Peter apologised and paid his mum back after taking a weekend job as he was still in sixth form.

Three years on and Miriam returned to our offices with new concerns over Peter. She said although they had discussed the issues multiple times, neither of them could come to an agreement. Given Peter’s past history of stealing and being proven guilty, Miriam didn’t believe him when he said he hadn’t stolen a family heirloom. The heirloom was a precious diamond ring. Miriam had hoped one day to pass it down to Peter as a ring to use for his engagement or if he was lucky enough to have a daughter to give it to in future.

The test

Peter eventually agreed to take a lie detector test, feeling sad that his mother idnd’t trust him, but also understanding the history they had. After a pre-examination consultation with our examiner in our Wigan office, Peter sat and answered the questions in his polygraph test. Peter passed his test and showed no signs of lying when asked if he had stolen from his mother or if he had planned to steal from her again.

The outcome

Miriam immediately apologised to Peter and said she would never doubt him again. Peter said he understood why she had suspected him and he was happy to forgive and forget. The pair have since written to our Wigan office to thank our staff and update them with how they are getting on. They both say they are happy and have a strong relationship once again.

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