Wigan polygraph test requested for boss

Nov 24, 2021

A polygraph test in Wigan could help Daniel who recently submitted a question to us. Daniel wondered if a polygraph test would help settle his concern that his boss was comitting fraud in his name. Here is Daniels’s story and our examiners response.

The beginning

Daniel started working for Tony three years ago. After graduating from studying finance at Nottingham Trent University, Daniel was excited to be moving back home to Wigan and to start his career. Only a month after graduating Daniel landed his job as a junior accountant working for Tony’s family-owned business. Read on to find why a polygraph test has become Daniels only option.

How it all began

About nine months after starting his job in Wigan, Daniel recalls how he started to feel something wasn’t right. Daniel did suspect it was anything to do with his job at first, be he remembers how he would constantly receive nuance calls. His phone would ring up to ten times a day with cold calling from debt financing companies, and credit card companies. Unaware of subscribing to any email lists Daniel simply blocked the numbers, assuming it might be something to do with his recent applications for credit cards. Daniel wanted to start to build up his credit record ready to apply for a mortgage in a year’s time.

Your request has been denied

A year later Daniel started to look for houses in Wigan. Excitingly for Daniel, he found his dream home only three months after starting his search. Daniel immediately applied for mortgages and made his offer on the new build, which was accepted. After being approved for his mortgage, Daniel was surprised when he received a phone call just two days later saying the bank had to recall their initial offer based off a bad credit history.

The bank explained how Daniel had over £13,000.00 of debt against his name. Shocked Daniel said he had no knowledge of this and asked for more details on the accounts, after giving his security question answers. After ringing around numerous companies, Daniel found out that the mobile number given on the accounts was his bosses mobile number instead.

Confronting Tony

Confronting Tony the next day at work, Daniel felt confused and upset as to what had potentially happened. Tony had access to Daniels details seeing as Daniel was his employee. Tony denied being guilty of such a crime and gave Daniel an official warning – this had completely backfired.

Scared and unsure on what to do next, Daniel rang the citizens advice helpline who suggested he rang the police. Deciding to research online, Daniel came across Lie Detect UK and decided to submit his question to our examiner in Wigan. Daniel is considering booking a polygraph test and wonders if this will help get the truth in his case.

Our examiners response

It is always wise to alert the police and get an official police number in any cases involving suspected fraud. The police will have the authority to investigate records further, and to interview Tony. In the meantime if you can get Tony to agree to a lie detector test with us at the Wigan office, you might receive a confession and know that going to the police is the right thing to do. Ton conclude, our polygraph test can prove if Tony is lying or not. The results will offer you the truth you seek in order to take legal action against him.

Please book online using our booking form, or ring our free helpline if you wish to discuss the lie detector test further on 0800 368 8277.








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