Wigan polygraph test proves theft

A Wigan polygraph test recently helped Emma prove her employee Sandra guilty of stealing. Emma suspected Sandra had started to take supplies from her cleaning business. Here is Emma’s story and her experience of using Lie Detector Test UK’s services.

The beginning

Emma employed Sandra just over three years ago at her Wigan based cleaning company. She recalls how Sandra is a hardworking and reliable employee. Sandra is 52 and both her children have left home to study and work. Feeling like she didn’t have a life of her own anymore, Sandra decided to seek employment. She found an advert in the local newspaper for Emma’s cleaning company and decided the flexible hours and her previous history in cleaning would make it the perfect job for her.

Suspicion starts

Emma tells us how everything was fine with Sandra until the country went into lockdown two years ago with the pandemic. She recalls how she couldn’t afford to pay for furlough but could offer Sandra reduced hours instead of completely stopping her work. She recalls that when Sandra came back to work full time when things had calmed down with the pandemic, Sandra seemed stressed and easily agitated. Sandra confessed to Emma that she had ran up debts on her credit card and was concerned about paying them off. Emma offered Sandra overtime to help and told her to come to her if she had any issues paying anything.

Stock starts going missing

Two months after the discussion with Sandra, Emma started to notice that the stock room with all of her cleaning supplies was looking low on stock. She checked her signing out sheet and couldn’t add up where bottles of industrial oven cleaner, medical masks and gloves had gone. She decided to ask Sandra and Sandra said she had to borrow some extra masks and gloves to be able to visit her mother in hospital. Feeling guilty, Emma told Sandra not to worry but just to make sure she left a handover note or signed the stock out on the sheet officially.

Equipment goes missing

Another month passed and Emma started to worry even more. Out on her van doing a shift, she noticed her handheld hover had now gone missing. She text Sandra to check if she had it but Sandra said she hadn’t seen it for over a week. Emma told her boyfriend Jake about the issues at work, and Jake suggested she should check Facebook marketplace to see if she could see any items up for sale. He told Emma how his brother had building equipment stolen and the police had told him to check online for local sellers first for leads.

Time for a lie detector test

Emma logged onto Wigan Facebook marketplace later that evening, but didn’t find anything. She decided to search for the handheld vacuum on eBay instead and sure enough she found a model and make that matched her missing hoover. She looked at the seller whose full name wasn’t displayed but it began with S followed by random numbers and symbols. Suspecting the seller was Sandra she decided to message the seller and ask for more information. The seller told her how it was a near new model that they had acquired when their work decided to upgrade their equipment. The seller claimed they were selling the item on behalf of their work. Suspicious, Emma decided to tell Jake her findings.

The Test

Jake told Emma to book a lie detector test in Wigan. He told her how he had read online about lie detector tests proving theft cases. Jake advised Emma that the test might make Sandra confess if she is guilty, without involving the police and pressing charges which he knew Emma didn’t want to do. Emma agreed and asked Sandra the next day at work if she would take the test. Sandra agreed and turned up to her lie detector test two days later at our Wigan office.

The results

The results showed that Sandra was guilty of lying. She confessed to Emma that she had stolen the hoover out of desperation to pay her credit card off. Emma was disappointed in Sandra and said that she would have to let her go. She told Sandra she wouldn’t press charges but she would forget about the theft if Sandra returned the goods stolen. Emma has since written a review for Sandra and Sandra has promised she won’t be stealing anything ever again.

If you suspect someone you know guilty of theft then book your lie detector test online today. You can also call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for further advice and booking information.